10 Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing Tips that Every Small Business Should Consider.

This article from Hallam provides 10 great digital marketing tips for small business owners that can help grow your business.

1. Research Competitors and Differentiate Yourself
Competitor research is important because as a local business, you’ll want to be able to offer additional value in the market.

2. Get Your Website Basics Right
Online users are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the experience they expect from a website. They want a fast loading website as a minimum requirement.

3. Improve Google My Business Listing and Customer Reviews
Your online reputation as a small business owner could be the deciding factor when a prospective customer is searching for your product/service.

4. Create Interesting Blog Content
If you’re in a very competitive industry, ranking for keywords can be challenging. You need to think about a content strategy that will drive results.

5. Consider Google Ads for Your Small Business
Previously called AdWords, Google Ads is a great way to market your business.

6. Create Professional Visual Content
Content is still king and content marketing is an industry in its own right. Your content will form an important part of your digital strategy.

7. Improve Your Local SEO
Local SEO is important if you are primarily a local business. Google My Business can help your business show in local search results.

8. Develop Email Marketing
Email marketing is a fundamental strategy for growing your small business. Build your lists of previous customers as well as potential customers.

9. Focus on a Primary Social Media Channel

Focus on the social media platform most relevant to your business and where your customers are most active.

10. Partner with Local Influencers
This is an area of digital marketing that is growing. Local influencers can help raise awareness of your brand.

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Small business Marketing Tips