25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers

Looking to start a business? Why not market to baby boomers? Take advantage of the fastest growing consumer demographic with these 25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Whether you’re a baby boomer who is looking to start a business or a young entrepreneur, you’ll want to include baby boomers in your marketing. Baby boomers are a business’s perfect market. Typically, baby boomers are retired and have a higher disposable income.

“More start-ups are shifting focus from millennials to aging baby boomers, chasing a demographic whose annual economic activity is roughly $7.6 trillion today, according to AARP. As of 2013, Americans over 50 represent the third-largest economy in the world, according to the group. Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, making them ages 52 to 70, and the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest estimate said there were approximately 75.4 million boomers alive in 2015,” says CNBC.

To help you find the perfect business, we’ve found the best 25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Travel.

What does everyone love to do? Travel. Everyone has a dream of traveling, however, the cost of traveling often prevents people from making this dream a reality. Baby boomers have the time and money to travel.

Cruises Inc. – Because they are an older demographic, the typical walking tour of a city can sometimes be unappealing. What is the solution? Cruise ships. Baby boomers love cruises! Cruises Inc. offers you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and how often you want. They provide all the training and support, so you have the tools to make a commission on the sales of exciting cruise, tours, and resort vacations

Hotels Etc. – No matter your budget, everyone loves scoring a great deal. Its embedded in us as consumers. The same is true for travel deals. People will often purchase a trip, after seeing how affordable it is and that its a ‘can’t-miss this’ offer. Hotels Etc. reaches out to businesses all around the globe on a daily basis and negotiates a discount not available to the public. If the business accepts the offer, they are loaded into a system of over 1 million deals. they provide the training and support, you provide the drive.

GOODLIFEusa – Everyone loves being part of a perk program. People especially love travel perk programs. These types of programs are replacing the timeshare craze. GOODLIFEusa provides a no strings attached, no contract, and no cost, membership plan. The plan provides travel and lifestyle discounts to members at amazing prices.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers –  Fitness.

Fitness trends are not just marketing to young 20-somethings in college. People of all ages love to stay fit. Baby boomers, in particular, are spending more money on health and fitness. They see the importance of health and the need to adjust their routine to avoid costly medical bills and live the lifestyle they want.

FITT Systems – Regardless of age or physical ability, It can be intimidating for anyone to step back into the gym. Everyone around you can bench press 100 pounds, and you’re struggling to do a 10-second plank. We’ve all been there. FITT Systems solve the problem with their business-in-a-box, which provides a state of the art studio that can be assembled wherever you like. Rent it out or run your own classes with this complete health, fitness and therapy tool that allows anyone, regardless of age, physical limitations or handicap, the ability to regain explosive health and fitness in a very short time.

Fit Firm & Fabulous – Obesity affects the lives of almost one-third of the U.S. population. Fit Firm and Fabulous is a company with a mission to help change and enhance people’s lives. Their consultants/entrepreneurs are well respected, sought after, and appreciated for their professional dedication in helping an overweight and obese society become healthy again.  If you are a person who can follow an easy and guided path to success, this is a great financial opportunity.

Purium Health Products – You can’t stay fit without a healthy diet. Purium is the “busy person” way of staying healthy. They have developed a complete line of superfoods in this family-to-farm business plan. The concept is really simple and really important. They manufacture their own products, so your payout is higher.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Medical and Healthcare.

Medical attention is always needed in a population. The healthcare and medical markets are particularly lucrative amongst the baby boomers as they age, giving the medical and healthcare industries a spot on our 25 start-up ideas for baby boomers.

Hemp Worx – Many people are switching to more homeopathic and plant-based medicines over traditional prescriptions to ease the pain. Hemp Worx is capitalizing on this with their CBD products made with organic hemp grown in Kentucky and are 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. They give you a replicated landing page with high conversions and full-time support with whatever you need. Start selling and cash in on the emerging $7.1 Billion Cannabis industry!

Discount Drug Network Affiliate Opportunity – You can become part of the pharmaceutical economy that always makes money. Now there’s a way to help people afford their prescriptions. By becoming a Discount Drug Network Affiliate, you’ll receive customized prescription discount cards to hand out to family, friends, and co-workers. Every time they use the card, you make money.

Medical Service Marketplace – The medical funding business is focused on the development and delivery of essential, optimized and top reviewed medical services solutions including funding for medical providers. Medical Service Marketplace supplies virtually any kind of medical services required and needed by medical providers: billing, collection, ancillary, diagnostics, and funding from long-term paying medical A/R lie workers compensation, no-fault, and personal injury to short-term receivables such as private/commercial insurance, at any US location.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Safety.

As we age, our families tend to worry about not only our health and wellness but also our safety. Many baby boomers prefer to live in their own homes, and not with family or a retirement community. These business opportunities are putting families’ minds at ease and keeping baby boomers safe.

Age Safe America – Worried your aging family member might not be safe in their home? Age Safe America is dedicated to meet the growing need for Home Safety Assessments and Aging-in-Place Home Modifications. Take advantage of multiple revenue streams and the opportunity to be part of an exciting and rewarding industry with tremendous projections for growth and success.

Safety Technology – There’s never been a better time or opportunity to sell stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, Tasers, hidden cameras, spy and surveillance systems. Safety Technology provides an easy and profitable way to become a distributor of these goods.

Smoke Alarm Monitoring – Did you know that more than 90% of homes in the U.S. have smoke detectors that experts consider practically useless? These detectors use ionization-based technology that doesn’t trigger the alarm until flames are practically hitting the unit, and even then they don’t always go off! Smoke Alarm Monitoring is solving this problem with their patent to the first and only smoke detector that is completely self-contained and remotely monitored by a central station.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Real Estate.

Baby boomers are on the move! Whether it’s to move closer to family, move in with family, or head to warmer weather, more and more baby boomers are buying and selling homes. Real estate is a great way to cash in on this boom.

Charter Financial –  Become a referral agent for Charter Financial. They are a national purchaser of owner financed real estate notes. They teach you the business to so you can refer these types of notes to us, the average fee per transaction is a little over $3,000+.

National Property Inspections – Everyone needs a home inspection. National Property Inspections is a turn-key franchise system gives you the tools, training, and support to succeed in the property inspection industry, all from a nationally recognized, established company with nearly 30 years of experience.

Global Property Inspections – Want to work outside of the USA? National Property Inspections has an international division with the same turnkey franchise system.

Cleanout Foreclosures – Foreclosures may not lead the evening newscast anymore but they are still everywhere! You can make money by cleaning out and maintaining foreclosures. Cleanout Foreclosures is a complete business startup package of everything you need to know about starting and running your own foreclosure cleanout and foreclosure property preservation and maintenance business.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Pets.

Pets are like family. This is true especially for baby boomers who often have pets as therapy animals. It’s important their fur-children are well cared for and have up-to-date medical status.

Dog walking – Whether you’ve had a medical procedure, take a vacation, or have a hectic work schedule, it can tough to make sure your dog gets enough exercise. People are always looking for trustworthy dog walkers to make sure their dog gets the activity and love they need.

Animal grooming – Some people don’t have the time, energy, or space to bathe their pet at home. It can also be costly and time-consuming to drop a pet off at a store to get cleaned. Mobile pet grooming services are becoming more and more desired among baby boomers, and also busy professionals.

Pet to Vet transportation – Some baby boomers no longer drive. In case of an emergency or a routine check-up, getting a pet to the vet’s office can be difficult. Pet-to-vet transportation is a great way to fill this niche market, think Uber but pet-friendly.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers – Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs.

While some baby boomers are retiring, others are wanting to continue working. Whether you want to start a business similar to your previous career or take on a new industry, these business opportunities are favorites among baby boomer entrepreneurs.

My Business Venture – Some people stereotype baby boomers as being non-tech savvy. This just isn’t true.  For the boomers who want to work in web design and management, My Business Venture has developed a full e-commerce-enabled custom website package featuring state of the art technology. Your website will feature over 15,000 top-selling products including electronics, toys and games, bath and beauty products, home and office products, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and colognes, holiday and seasonal-themed items, indoor and outdoor decor, and so much more!

Commercial Capital Training Group – Do you have a background or an interest in finance? The Commercial Capital Training Group has been a leader in the commercial finance industry for individuals to successfully own their own commercial finance business. They developed a one of a kind opportunity that allows current or aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully learn and enter into the lucrative world of commercial financing by providing loans to businesses.

STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program – Are you creative or have an artistic side? The STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program is the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves to make dreams come true and who wants to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. They provide everything you’ll need to start your business and maintain its profitability.

Eureka Business Program – Do you like to do handy work and work with your hands? The Eureka Business Program is a home service business opportunity that includes everything you need to make and sell high quality and very comfortable outdoor furniture. The program includes a furniture line; all the know-how about how to build furniture efficiently, quickly and consistently; where to market and sales strategies; a set of jigs and templates and also add enough lumber and hardware to build your first run of furniture.

Message Pro by Proximity – Are you interested in sales and marketing? Message Pro is an entire text message marketing business that can be done for ant sized business. They provide all the training and support. You don’t need to buy anything!

Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky – Do you like food and a good time? Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky offers a unique dealership/distributorship opportunity.  They have two appealing products which are marketed separately. Hangover Joe’s is the nation’s leading morning after hangover recovery shot. They also offer our exclusive line of Beef Jerky under the Happy Jack’s brand.  Sell to retail stores and set up your own retail or kiosk locations.

25 Start-Up Ideas for Baby Boomers

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