5 Quick Small Business Marketing Tips for 2019

Are you looking to start a business in 2019 or grow your existing small business?

In an article on DigitalDoughnut.com, Abhishek Talreja provides 5 quick small business marketing tips for 2019.

1. Focus on the most powerful marketing channels
Obviously there are a ton of channels this day and age to use to promote your small business. However, spreading marketing efforts thin over many channels can be a waste of time and money. The key is to test different channels, learn which channel yields the best result and then focus on the most powerful channel for your business.

2. Build customer relationships through email marketing
Email marketing is extremely effective and building relationships with customers. Communication with customers and potential customers helps to build trust in your brand or store, ultimately leading to increased sales.

3. Promote your best content
In online marketing, whether organic or paid, content is key. But the quality of the content is very important. Write new content or chose your best content and promote that content. Promoting all content, including lower quality content should be avoided.

4. Tell a unique brand story
With so much content created every day, it’s difficult for small businesses to stand out. When creating content, consider the audience. Don’t be like everyone else that regurgitates the same content over and over. Be creative. Tell a unique story about your brand.

5. Create video updates and explainer videos
Video content works well at reaching customers and grabbing their attention. But be sure to create unique video content in order to ensure engagement from the viewers.

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5 Quick Small Businesses Marketing Tips for 2019