7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays

With your friends and family in for the holidays, how will you get work done as a home-based business owner? Make the most of your work day and vacation time with these 7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays!

They say home is where the heart is. Nothing could be truer during the holidays. Family and friends flock home to celebrate together and spend some much-needed quality time together. However, this can be a bit tough for the home-based entrepreneur and business owner. With everyone at home relaxing and celebrating, you can run into a lack of motivation. It’s tempting to slack off and binge watch Netflix with the family. However, you can’t. You still have a business to run from home. Now this doesn’t mean you have to pull a 60-hour work week, but you should plan ahead now for the week ahead of festivities. Use these 7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays to work hard and play hard. Happy Holidays, everyone!

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Be Mindful When Creating Your To-Do List.

Planning your entire 2018 business plan might not be the best project next week, unless you have yet to do one. In that case, get on it! Make one of your resolutions to cut down on procrastination. If you can, make next week a week to catch up on bust work and get reorganized. These types of projects tend to be easier to stop and go compared to heavy research and writing projects. If you tend to work a 60-hour week, plan as if you are only working 40 hours. This will help limit your stress. You’re still getting work done, but you have less to do, and a more manageable work week.

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Give The Kids A Project.

My sister and I used to joke that as soon as we picked up at the airport and headed home for the holidays, my mom would bring up a ‘fun’ project for us to do. As a home-based business co-owner, she still had to work during the holidays, despite my sister and me being home for a few weeks. Projects got things done around the house and kept us busy so my mom could do some work. Do the same for your kids. You may need to bait them with a little cash reward, but it’s well worth the hours of peace and minimal noise it will give you to bang out some work.

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Team Up With Another Home-Based Parent.

You aren’t the only parent who work from home, and may be getting a little annoyed with the constant noise. Team up with another home-based entrepreneur or business owner who is also a parent. Have the kids at your house one day, and at their place the next. This will give you an entire day to work with no distractions, just like the kids are at school. The best thing is that it is a whole lot cheaper than hiring a nanny or sending the kids on an expensive excursion for eight to ten hours.

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Get Your Kids Involved.

If you’re kids are home, try to get them involved in your home-based business. If they are younger, give them some simple filing, organizing or something similar along those lines. It’s easy. Your kids will be spending time with you, and you’ll be getting work done. If you have older kids, give them something a little more difficult. It may help spark their interests and apply what they’re learning in a real work environment. It’s also a great way to get them some work experience to put on their resume.

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Wake Up Two Hours Earlier Than Usual.

During the holidays, your family will most likely be sleeping in. The mornings are about to become your best friend. Use the quite morning to work on and finish your hardest task of the day. Save the easier stuff for later when you won’t have as much time and the distractions pick up. One of the best parts about being a home-based business owner is that you can choose your schedule, so choose it wisely this holiday season!

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Multitask with Easy Tasks.

This may not be the for everyone, but it may be for you. If your kids have some homework to do, or want to get ahead for the new semester. Why not have a study date? You can work at home and get some nice takeout or you can go to a coffee shop. It’s a great way to get work done and make sure your kids are doing something productive over the break. Maybe you can even do some easy tasks in the living room while your family is binge watching Star Wars. The key is to stay creative.

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During the Holidays – Enjoy Yourself.

It’s the most wonderful time, so enjoy it. Work will always be there, but your family won’t. Make an effort to spend time with them and give them your full attention. Set a work schedule and stick to it. When you finish your work day, even if you didn’t finish everything, step away from the computer and the phone. Turn them off. Walk away. You can start again tomorrow. It’s the holiday, and you are entitled to a break. If you can’t do it next week, when can you?

7 Tips for Home-Based Success During The Holidays How To Get Work Done And Enjoy The Holidays