A Huge Business Opportunity with Little to NO Competition

How does earning $3,000 in one hour sound? Or perhaps $5,000 to $10,000 in one month or $50,000+ on a single transaction? This is all possible in one of the least known multi-billion dollar industries in the country—the Cash Flow Industry. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it, most people haven’t, and that’s what makes it so great.

It offers a huge financial service business opportunity with little to no competition!

How It Works

This is a business that operates in what is known as the “secondary money market,” one in which banks do not participate. In this marketplace, there are billions and billions of dollars’ worth of cash flow notes that individuals are receiving payments on over time. These individual “note holders” usually receive these payments on a monthly or annual basis. Instead of waiting years to collect all of the money that is owed to them, many of them choose to sell these payments to investors who then will provide them with a lump sum of cash in exchange for the rights to receive the future payment stream.

Most of the investors who purchase these income streams do not advertise their services; instead they depend on independent referral agents to bring them the business…

That’s where you come in!

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Owning Your Own Charter Financial Note Business

As a Charter Financial Referral Agent who owns your own business, you are responsible for locating note holders and then referring them to the investors. This is easily done, and the referral fees are outstanding.

In an effort to learn more about this magnificent business and the opportunity that Charter Financial offers, we interviewed Leland von Syring, President and Founder of Charter Financial. In the note business for 20 years now, Leland has led his company so that it is now one of the nation’s largest buyers of privately held notes—purchasing everything from owner-financed real estate notes, court settlements and annuities to lottery winnings, business notes, installment contracts, non-performing bank loans and more.

Leland says “business has never been better,” mainly due to the fact that banks are not lending…and that many people have to offer financing on their homes in order to sell them. He also says that since the economy is still weak, record numbers of note holders are selling their notes for much needed cash.

He went on to explain that working this business is easy as long as you receive good training and support and that you make sure you work with a reputable investor, one like Charter Financial.

For more than 15 years, Charter Financial has been purchasing notes and offering their “Building Wealth Together” program. This outstanding program teaches individuals how to start and operate their own note business. The course materials are very comprehensive and mainly focus on teaching you how to locate the note holders, so that you can refer them to Charter Financial. Then you can both make money on each transaction.

Leland sums it up this way: “You find the note holders, refer them to us and then receive your fee.” It’s just that straightforward. The entire process from beginning to end is very easy.

Once you locate a note, all you do is take down some simple information about the note on a one-page “quote sheet” and then submit this information to Charter Financial. Charter Financial will then tell you how much they can offer for the note. You then subtract a fee for yourself and make an offer to the client. Once your client agrees to the offer, Charter Financial will contact them and take over the transaction and do all of the necessary paperwork in order to fund the transaction. The entire process usually takes about two to three weeks on average.

Leland says the most exciting part about the entire process is that the agent gets to set his or her own referral fee. For example, when you refer a note to Charter Financial they will analyze it and then make an offer for it.

Let’s say they offer $100,000 for your note. You then deduct your fee from that offer and make a new offer to the client. Fees usually range from 3% to 6%, so let’s just assume you want to make a fee of 5% on this deal (or $5,000). You would then subtract the $5,000 (your fee) from the $100,000 that Charter Financial offered for the note and you would then offer your client $95,000 for their note.

When they accept, you just turn the deal over to Charter Financial, and they will do all of the paperwork for you to complete the transaction. You will be paid at the same time as the client is paid, and you have the option of having your fee wired directly to your bank account or receiving a company check.

Sample Commission Summary

  • Charter Financial offers = $100,000
  • Your Offer to the Client = $95,000
  • Your Fee = $5,000

Step by step process:

You submit the information about the note to Charter Financial, and they tell you how much they can pay for it. You then subtract your fee and make an offer to the client. Client accepts, and you turn the deal over to Charter Financial. Charter Financial does all of the necessary due diligence and paperwork and closes on the transaction. You then get paid your referral fee.

When the transaction is completed, Charter Financial will pay the client $95,000,and you will receive your $5,000 fee wired directly into your bank account or sent via company check.

A Win-Win Scenario

Each transaction creates a win-win-win scenario for the three parties involved. The individual note holder is happy because he or she receives a lump sum of money instead of small monthly or annual payments. Charter Financial is happy because they receive a profitable income stream, and the agent is happy because he or she receives a great referral fee.

Another terrific thing about this business is that you can work it from the comfort of your own home, either on a full- or part-time basis, and you can set your own schedule. Also, there are no geographical territories, meaning that you can work this business anywhere in the country—regardless of where you live.

There are many proven methods that you can use to locate note holders, and they are all covered in Charter Financial’s training package. Leland tells us that many of his agents find their first deal through people they know or by just telling people about their new business. He goes on to say, “It’s amazing how many people know of someone who is receiving payments from a note. As a matter of fact, that is how I found my first deal when I started years ago, and I recommend that when people start the business the very first thing they do is tell everyone they know about their new business, and they will be amazed with the results”.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is that you will be helping people get the money they need. You never have to “sell” a client on your product because it’s the clients who are actually trying to get you to “buy” their note.

Over the years, Charter Financial has helped countless clients get the money they need, and they’ve also helped their agents achieve financial success along the way.

There are billions and billions of dollars of notes in existence right now, and you can capitalize on this great business opportunity by becoming a member of the Charter Financial team.

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