Book-of-the-Month: Accelerating Growth

Accelerating Growth – Andy Birol, author of the successful Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth, continues his help for struggling companies with this guide. Here the focus is on finding ways to speed up the expansion phase of your business. Accelerating Your Growth: Insights and Examples for Exploiting Your Business’ Opportunities is illustrated with practical examples to help you figure out how to lead your company onward.

Accelerating Growth – The book, published in 2005, is put out by Birol Growth Consulting. It is available on Amazon.

Accelerating Growth

Andy Birol, Growth Consultant – Accelerating Growth

Andy Birol has been helping companies big and small with their growing pains since 1997. His goal is to empower owners to sustain profitable growth. His manta is Best and Highest Use, a phrase he has actually registered as part of his company’s branding.

He has worked with over 500 companies and has an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School. As a columnist for American City Business Journals, he is sought after for comments on trending news in the corporate world. His has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, CNN Dollar Signs, New York Times, Business Week and Inc.

His consulting website is:

Growth as a Mindset – Accelerating Growth

According to Alan Weiss, author of The Ultimate Consultant, “The Birol Strategy is growth-oriented and constructively based.” The strategy is based on simplifying, focusing and resolving the challenges related to growth. Birol is insistent on the need to plan for obstacles and keep moving forward.

The book has several case studies to guide readers through the process of business expansion. The focus is on identifying strengths and building on them. This means taking advantage of new technology and marketing methods in the evolving economy.

Nothing is stagnant today in the marketplace. Globalization and the internet have leveled the playing field for many businesses. Jumping in without a guide can be confusing and self-limiting. It makes sense to research how other owners have made the leap to successful growth. That’s what Accelerating Your Growth provides.

The Owner as “Fuel” – Accelerating Growth

According to Birol, growth is driven from the top down. He sees the owner as the “fuel” for the growth engine. By clarifying your own and your company’s Best and Highest Use, you can drive farther and faster.

As a consultant, Birol’s three top areas of focus are:

  • Speeding up the growth of a company
  • Sustaining and expanding growth during ownership and management succession
  • Helping a business re-focus on the importance of growth when it gets sidetracked

Birol uses many of his own consulting experiences to explain his growth methods in the book, which does a thorough job of explaining his theories. But more importantly, it offers many actual examples of how that plays out in the real world.