Best Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle Opportunities

Are you a hungry entrepreneur interested in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle industry? We have business opportunities that are likely in line with your passion, providing you an opportunity to excel at your own business. has been responsible, in part, for creating thousands of entrepreneurs since its inception in 2005. Our listed opportunities are perfect for individuals looking to start a business, regardless of their available startup funds. Whether you’ve saved thousands of dollars and are waiting for the perfect investment opportunity, or woke up today with the idea of starting a business but only have $100 to invest at this time, we have options.

When you browse our 40 plus categories, you’ll stumble upon unique and exciting business opportunities in lifestyle industries, such as wellness and beauty, that you may have never known existed. These options fit the budget of every aspiring entrepreneur, even if you have $500 or less to invest.

An example of just one of these options is with an established company in the exploding telehealth medical space. Already a billion-dollar industry, telemedicine is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and is the way of the future. This wellness company advertises a turn-key business opportunity that pays high commissions to entrepreneurs that assist in growing the business by introducing others to their valuable service offerings.

At, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get started in a new business opportunity. Many of the advertisers that list their opportunities offer turn-key options like the one mentioned above. This type of option, also known as ‘Business-in-a-Box,’ includes everything needed to get the business off the ground and into the state of turning a profit quickly. These options are perfect for green entrepreneurs that do not necessarily have the time or knowledge on how to properly assemble all the pieces and start a business quickly.

Many people interested in starting their own businesses these days are looking for home-based business opportunities that they can manage part-time from their home office or even local coffee shop. We’ve seen everyone from college students, to stay-at-home parents, to professionals with full-time jobs invest time and money into these options, as they can provide excellent supplemental income.

We also have an abundance of options that require full-time commitment as well as higher capital investment. These options can include businesses and franchises for sale and are ideal for those looking to dive in full time. Even new, inexperienced business owners are attracted to these options for the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of being their own boss, working hard and reaping 100% of the benefits of their hard work.

Whether you’re a newbie and over-cautious entrepreneur or experienced business owner, we’re confident that you’ll find success with a business opportunity from one of our listings. Browse our categories, including our health, wellness and lifestyle business opportunities, and discover an option that matches your interests and investment level.