The Best Low Cost Home-Based Businesses to Start in 2022

Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad looking for ways to bring in extra cash by working from home or managing a business from home? There are plenty of jobs you can do from home these days, and thanks to things like cloud computing, high-speed internet and especially the availability of tools and apps to help you manage your business it’s easier and less expensive to start a home business than ever before. The fact is a lot of software you need can be had for low cost or even Here are a few of the best home-based businesses to start in 2022.


Selling on eBay


You’ve likely bought products on eBay, but have you ever considered selling on eBay? Selling on eBay is a great starter home-based business that anyone can do. Whether you have new products or old goods to sell, eBay is a good place to find buyers that are likely searching for exactly what you have to offer. You can start by selling your own stuff, and then move on to buying second-hand things in bulk, or collectibles, or even used auto parts. Give it a try to see if you have a talent for it. You can find forums and YouTube videos to give you the best tips on how to be successful with a home-based business that you start on eBay.


Micro-Manufacturing Products


Are you a creative person? You can make your own unique products and turn it into a business. There’s no question that China dominates the world in low cost products, which is why businesses both offline and online all seem to have the same sort of these products for sale. However, home-based micro-manufactured or handmade products have become very popular in recent years because of their unique qualities. These products are often sold on sites like Etsy, that are exclusively for these one-off, handmade products. With these homemade goods, product ideas are virtually limitless – from personalized Christmas tree decorations to custom-weaved rugs to jewelry. Find a niche that interests you and start honing your skills. In time, you’ll have a home based business that will allow you to sell your products locally or even in your own online boutique with an easy-to-use service such as Shopify.


Become an Editor or Proofreader


Skilled professions, such as nursing or dentistry, are always in demand because they are finite in nature. No matter how advanced the technology, work is limited to a specific amount of people or clients per day. Editing and proofreading work is very similar. It’s a skill that is in demand by businesses and organizations that have limited staff, and more cost effective to outsource these tasks. Due to the fact that work supplied from different clients or businesses can vary throughout the year, freelancing in the field and working for multiple clients is more than enough work to sustain a full-time schedule. Good proofreaders typically have full schedule of clients booked out several months. Because of the low cost of entry and demand for this type of work, starting a proofreading business as a self-employed freelancer is one of the best home-based businesses to start in 2022.


Become a Food Delivery Driver


Uber and Lyft were hugely popular ride-share services that had employed many drivers. However, these companies have struggled in the past couple years due to Covid and other factors. Today, fewer drivers are working for these companies. In 2021 and into 2022, there has been a shift into the food and grocery delivery driver space. Startup food delivery services like SNAP Delivered pays drivers generous amounts to pick up and deliver food from restaurants in their markets. Currently, demand for drivers far outweighs the supply, making now a great time to get started with this startup. The food delivery space is a billion-dollar industry that is only going to continue to grow. That’s why SNAP Delivered is one of the best, low cost home-based businesses to start in 2022. If you’re an enterprising person looking to hustle and grow your business quickly, SNAP Delivered is perfect for you.