The Best New Business Opportunities

Are you searching for the best new business opportunities available? You’ve come to the right place! At, entrepreneurs can find and start a fresh and new business opportunity easily.

Since 2005, has been a leading source for business and franchise opportunities. We feature a variety of options from our many advertisers and are regularly updating the site with the newest and hottest business opportunities.

What’s Your Budget?

Determining your available budget for investment is a good first step to finding a great option for your next business. It doesn’t make sense to explore options that are extremely out of reach financially. You’ll have a better ability to plan and reach goals faster with an option that fits your budget.

What’s great about is that we have the best options for every entrepreneur. Whether you have saved a large amount of money to invest in a new business venture, or only have a limited amount of capital (even under $100) to invest, we have something for you.

How Much Time Can You Invest?

The next step to finding the best opportunity for you is to determine exactly how much time you can and are willing to put into the business. If you have a full-time career, it will be very challenging to manage a business venture that requires full time hours in itself.

Many of the businesses listed on our site are great for entrepreneurs looking for a part-time business in which to invest their spare time and money. Part-time options can be ideal for stay-at-home parents as well as individuals with full-time jobs looking to start a business and earn supplemental income in their free time.

Entrepreneurs looking for a career change and that are able to invest full-time hours in a new business can find a perfect match among our listings and start a rewarding business right away. These opportunities may require a greater time commitment and possibly higher capital investment, but are likely to have higher potential for revenue and growth.

How Difficult is it to Start a New Business?

We understand that starting a business can be overwhelming, especially to individuals with no prior experience. All of the businesses that list their opportunities on our site want opportunity seekers that choose their option to be successful. That’s why most will offer training and support out of the gate. Some options are considered ‘Business-in-a-Box’ opportunities. These options include everything you need to get up and running, which makes it super-easy for even the greenest business owners.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs make the transition into becoming business owners and experience success. If you’re new to our site and ready to start your own venture, browse our opportunities and find one that matches your interests and investment level. If you’re a returning visitor, be sure to check out our newest business opportunity options. We look forward to helping you succeed!