Book-of-the-Month | How To Create Images for Social Media

Social Media was on my brain for weeks and I was looking for ways to create quality images quickly and for free.

Social media is always a chore at first and then once you get the hang of whatever it is that you are trying to learn it comes second hand very quickly.  Tall order I know and it took some digging to find a book that really spelled it all out and did some thinking for me that helped me understand what would work best for my specific needs.

I met Cécile Jemmett hailing from Tunbridge Wells, UK on Twitter a few months back. She’s a Trilingual, Mompreneur, Virtual Assistant, Business Consultant, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Specialist that takes administration and writing to another level.

In addition, her Specialties are as follows:

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Administrative Assistant Services
  • Translations (English/German – German/English)
  • Social Media Support
  • Social Media Management
  • Email & Diary Management
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mailing Campaigns (MailChimp & GetResponse)
  • Project Management
  • Email Marketing

What got my attention was her recent book that showed me how to create images for Social Media and Marketing Visuals Like a Pro, Simple and FREE! I mean I like simple. I love free–provided it works. The better your graphics are the more apt someone is to view and potential read or act in someway that is devised by the Visual Display that speaks to the sub conscience.

Did you know that getting a person’s or a group of people’s attention is the new commodity of the coming years? Being able to be a string visual storyteller is the new currency my friends. The human brain can process visuals 60,000x faster than simple text! Crazy right? Most know that web posts that are combined with a visual can potentially drive up to 175% more engagement than those without. And, viewers – your shoppers and buyers – will spend 100% more time on a web page with videos! That is double the engagement for simply posting a quality video.

The more of your audience’s senses you manage to stimulate, the greater the impact your speech, presentation or sales pitch can be expected to have. Images and graphics, whether they are online or printed, play a massive role in telling the story about a product, service or company.

Entrepreneurs, employees, social media managers, web designers, bloggers, vloggers, teachers, students, parents, basically anyone who has to create some sort of visual will find this no fuss guide life changing”, says Cécile.

She will introduce you to her favorite image creation tool on the net. It is free and with her tips it will be super simple to use.

By the time you read the entire book – whether  you are an experienced business owner or a novice looking for a low cost business to start – you will be able to save money on graphic designers and create beautiful, professional visuals for your social media, blog, website or print marketing FREE!

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