Business Opportunity Blog Offers New Service

Business Opportunity Blog- Chicago, IL—, one of the most visited biz opp marketplaces on the web, announced today their new Sponsored Article Marketing service.

Business Opportunity Blog – Reach More People through the Biz Opp Blog!

Business Opportunity Blog – Owners of opportunities and franchises can buy space on the blog to spread the word about what they offer potential buyers. They can advertise their home business opportunity and get their story in front of a million viewers each month, with a Perma-Follow included.


Business Opportunity Blog

Business Opportunity Blog – Todd Hatch, founder of the site, points out, “People with a business opportunity can reach out directly, at an affordable price, to serious, active opportunity buyers via our blog. Our readers are committed to finding the best new business to make their dreams happen. And they know the information they need is on the Business Opportunity blog.”


Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin James Culp is proud of the fact that, “We attract all types of entrepreneurs because we offer leads for small franchises, biz opps, distributorships, licensee opportunities and startup ideas. That makes us the trusted source for people who are determined to be their own boss. Now with the sponsored article marketing service, seekers will get a chance to read the backstory behind the company and get a look at how other people are doing after buying the opportunity.”

Here are the details of the sponsored article marketing program:

  • The blog publishes one article a day.
  • Clients can write their own article.
  • Or they can submit one for to edit.
  • The website reserves the right to screen out information not suitable for the blog’s readers.

There are three pricing tiers:

  • Up to 750 words plus one unique perma-follow link: $325
  • Up to 1,500 words plus two unique perma-follow links: $575
  • Up to 2,500 words plus three unique perma-follow links: $775

Kevin James Culp is booking the sponsored articles. To reserve a date, call him at 312-893-6759. offers several advertising methods, in addition to the sponsored article marketing. Biz opps can list their information on the website and receive leads directly to their account inbox. Users can purchase ads via banners, listings and solo eblasts on the site.

Culp emphasizes how effective BusinessOpportunity,com is as a portal that brings opportunity seekers and providers together. It gets 2.25 million impressions each month for the website as a whole, and the blog gets more than a million impressions each month.

The site has over 72,000 email subscribers, more than 44,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

All these numbers make it clear that the website is one of the top-visited destinations online for those looking for new ways to make money.

The typical visitor to is looking for a dependable way to make money, plus a lifestyle change. He is currently employed but wants to be his own boss. He has a limited amount of money to invest in the new enterprise, so he is determined to find the best deal possible.

Most opportunity seekers who visit the site have general ideas about the type of business they want. It many cases, they are looking at niches where they have experience, whether at work or with a hobby.

The big advantage of investing in an already-created business opportunity is the freedom it gives the buyer. He has a structure in place, provided by the creator. In most cases, the enterprise has been thoroughly tested by numerous users. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of starting a new business, especially for someone who has always worked for someone else.

The average biz opp searcher who comes to the site makes several visits before he chooses a specific offer. That means each visitor checks out multiple offers, reading them carefully, before he actually buys.

The creators of the offers benefit from this dedication on the part of buyers. They know that their listings will be thoroughly read by serious seekers.

Adding the blog as a way to get the message across explodes the number who can learn about the offer. It will let creators tell the story of their business, how they got started, who is using it and what kind of money can be made. Seekers are especially fascinated with the backstory, how the opportunity evolved. And they enjoy reading the real-life experience of other buyers.

About Founded in 2004 by Todd Hatch, is one of the premier marketplaces connecting entrepreneurs to small franchises, distributorships, licensee opportunities and business ideas. For more information about the sponsored article marketing service or other advertising opportunities, call Kevin James Culp at 312-893-6759.