Business Opportunity Sales Qualifying Questions

Business Opportunity Sales Qualifying Questions – To break through what often seems like a whirlpool of worthless leads only to get to one or two serious buyers, I suggest cutting to the quick by asking direct and pointed Qualifying Questions.

Business Opportunity Sales Qualifying Questions – This is an art but, not an exact science of what to ask when.  Usually that comes naturally to the sales person.  The sooner you can narrow down your lead list into a prospect list, the better. Below is a list of my favorites once you’ve sorted your leads.

Top Best Sales Prospecting Qualification Questions to Ask Are:

Q – Can you tell me a little about your business?

Q – How do you reach your customers?

Q – What other sites are you on?

Q – What challenges are you experiencing with your current lead generation process?

Q – What impact are those challenges having on your business?

Q – Ideally, when would you like to solve those challenges from a time frame perspective?

Q – What does your budget process look like to achieve your goals?

Q – When is your budget made?

Q – Who will make the decision to buy the product or service?

Q – How long will it take to get final approval?

Q – What role do you play in the decision process?” You’d be amazed by how many sales reps simply never ask this question and, instead, assume they are dealing with a decision maker. In fact, have you ever gotten to the end of your close and been told, Well, I have to send this to corporate and see what they think…

Q – Are you familiar with lead generation program?

Q – You found us on (fill in blank – or via email) and it looks like you are looking for a home-based, low-cost , high-yield business or some sort?

Q – May I ask what attracted you to the (fill in client’s information here) opportunity?

Q – Have I answered all of your questions in this call or that you have right now (pause for laugh or sign) so that you can evaluate the opportunity? Can I provide any additional information at this time?

Q – What is your buying time line?

Q – If you don’t buy at this time, what remedial actions do you plan to take?

Q – When will you be ready to buy?

Q – How did you hear about us?

As Director of Sales for one of my very favorite aspects of my role is working with organizations, folks and people just like you. So, qualifying is a balancing act between leaving enough time to build rapport without waiting so long that you’ve wasted everyone’s time. I hope that these questions will help you hone your sales qualification skills and increase your sales. Business Opportunity Sales Qualifying Questions

Business Opportunity Sales Qualifying Questions