Changing Your Life Starts Right Now!

Changing Your Life – Do you look around at your cubicle and dream of the day when you view the world from your yacht? You can do it if you follow the right steps.

Changing Your Life- The dreamer’s road from wage slave to millennial millionaire is paved with hopeful thoughts. The winner’s road is built with one tiny change after another, consistently done, day after day.

For so many young entrepreneurs, financial freedom is just a vague fantasy. How can you take those desires and make them real? Here’s a look at the habits you can cultivate to give solid legs to your financial hopes.

Changing Your Life

You’re In Charge

You have the power to make your vision happen. In fact, you’re the only one that does. That’s the key to success for an entrepreneur. Other people and their actions influence your future. But you and your attitude are the foundations.

Take charge of your self-talk. This is what controls your motivation. Be clear about your goals. Be sure they are your goals, your passion. A self-made millionaire isn’t created from someone else’s “should.”

Manage your physical health. Nights out with friends are fun, great for your social health, and good for networking. But limit the margaritas! Get enough sleep. Eat healthy more often than you eat junk food. Find a sport you like and pursue it regularly.

Cultivate a Can-Do Mindset

Henry Ford, America’s first self-made billionaire, famously said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right.” What you think becomes your reality. That’s why it makes sense to feed your mind positive thoughts.

It won’t happen all the time. So don’t beat yourself up if you feel negative and defeated. But develop the resilience to switch your thinking. This takes persistence and effort–and the results are amazing.

Think you’re just a born pessimist? Not so! Over the last two decades, numerous scientific studies have shown how people can rewire their thought patterns. In fact, this ability has a name, neuroplasticity. You have the power to program your brain for success.

Follow Through

Know your goals, and then chunk them down into actionable tasks. Put a doable few on your To Do list each day. Then do them. If you don’t follow through, you’re a dreamer, not a winner.

Can’t get all your tasks done each day? Take another look at your schedule. What unimportant items can you cut? Are you spending too much time with Netflix, eating out, surfing the web?

Keep your To Do list doable, with a few important items. Get these done consistently. You will gradually and inevitably accomplish your goals.

Show Up

It is so easy to avoid disagreeable jobs. Most people hate confrontation. But procrastination is a success killer.

There’s a saying, “Showing up is 80 percent of success.” Find a millennial millionaire, and you’ll find a person who seldom avoids uncomfortable situations or tasks.

Everyone goes through periods when he can’t get all the tasks on his To Do list done. In fact, at some points in your life, you’re lucky to get even a few done. That’s ok, it’s temporary. That’s when it is especially important to keep showing up for your life.

The art of showing up fits in easily with the Pomodoro rule: 80 percent of the results a person achieves come from 20 percent of his efforts. Take a good look at what you do all day long. What is producing the best return on your investment of time and energy? Concentrate on that, and you’ll achieve an even better ROI.

Get Up Early

You know the cliché of the work-at-home entrepreneur, stumbling out of bed at the crack of noon in his pajamas to check how much money he made—automatically–overnight. It makes a great cartoon.

Back at real life, get up at a reasonable time each morning. Eat breakfast, get in some exercise. And then start working. Put your seat in the chair. Write your blog. Email your supplier. Make your cold calls. That’s what makes the success.

Work with People

Ask any self-made millennial millionaire how it happened. It wasn’t alone. It’s just a myth, the idea of the hermit geek, programming away in the early hours, independent and alone.

Successful geeks collaborate. Find a mentor, join a mastermind. Solopreneurs who achieve financial success make effective use of communication technology, like Zoom, Facebook Live, and webinars.

Connecting with others lets you tap into their ideas, mindset, and experience. Instead of stumbling through the same problems hundreds have already navigated, find out how to do it right by checking with others in your field.


Self-made successes know how to focus. There are thousands of distractions, online and around the house. Don’t let them rule your life.

Decide what is important when it comes to your goals. Concentrate your time and energy on that.

And don’t let the perceived success of others get you down. Comparing yourself to everyone else is a surefire way to lose focus and get depressed. Decide what you can do right now that will take you one small step toward your goal.

Be Authentic

People spot the genuine article without fail. Act with integrity in all your dealings and you will be welcome everywhere.

While you build your character, build a business that helps others. Be of service in your dealings with customers and suppliers. Offer value and make their lives easier.

Be Grateful

In business, it’s easy to remember every time someone causes you grief. But it saps your energy and sours your positivity. The better approach is to look at the world with gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have right now, from a place to live, food to eat, a computer and the internet, ideas and gumption. Before you go to bed each night, come up with 5 things you are grateful for.

Be Mindful – Changing Your Life Starts Here

Limit your daydreaming. Snap yourself out of the endless loop of “What if?”, “I should’ve said…,” “Why didn’t he…?” It just eats up your emotional energy.

Live in the moment. This habit, called mindfulness, gives you energy for your tasks. It helps you stay centered and grounded so you can make the best decisions. Instead of angry, you stay unruffled and at peace with the world.

The self-made millennial millionaire mindset is yours. Stay positive, pinpoint your goals, consistently move forward, and act with integrity. Your financial freedom awaits!


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