Digital Marketing Manager Hired Margaret Mallonée

Everyone will be hearing a lot from the newest addition to our staff: Digital Marketing Manager Hired Margaret Mallonée! This hire was a strategic move to enhance our staff for the new digital media platform we will be introducing in the weeks and months to come.

Chicago, IL—September 14th, 2017., one of the nation’s leading source for information featuring Business Opportunities that can be Home-Based / Work-from-Home, Franchises, Distributorships, Licensee Opportunities, start-up ideas for entrepreneurs and so much more (even international business opportunities), is pleased to announce the addition of Margaret Mallonée as the Digital Marketing Manager Hired.

Digital Marketing Manager Hired, Margaret is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns.  She will play a major role in expanding’s brand and driving website traffic to create quality leads in ways yet unseeing the industry.

We’re very excited to welcome Margaret as a full-time team member to She brings us fresh ideas from an enthusiastic, young perspective.  With leads at an all-time high, it’s important that we have a full-time staff member dedicated to driving our marketing strategies and maintaining website traffic with multiple efforts to increase not only ‘leads but to create connections that lead to sales!”, says CEO Todd Hatch.

Margaret says, “I’m excited to focus my career at on providing insightful content and marketing techniques for business owners nationwide. I’llbe responsible for developing, initiating, creating and overseeing long-term digital marketing campaigns as well as spearheading new programs yet seen in this industry that will enhance both long & short-term advertising and marketing solutions.

Prior to joining, Margaret worked in executive support and marketing at a small finance company.  She interned with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration’s Commercial Service and U.S. House of Representatives’.

Margaret is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese, Economics, and International and Area Studies.  She is a Fulbright-Hays and Foreign Language and Area Studies scholar.  She’s multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese and her communications skills will shine here at

This opens a new chapter in how Business Opportunities and Franchises are marketed, branded, but most crucial is the ways she will be connecting buyers and shoppers in effective ways that will increase the bottom line for businesses who can’t afford to guess if their marketing is working.

Digital Marketing Manager Hired!

Everyone will be hearing a lot from Margaret Mallonée