Financial Services Franchises Show You How to Make Money in a High-Growth Industry

If there’s any one segment of the economy that is hot right now, it’s the financial services sector. Why? It’s because the need for products and services in this arena is growing so rapidly, and the technology to deliver them is creating new business opportunities each and every day. While businesses, especially smaller ones, are constantly seeking out new technologies and approaches to assist them in streamlining their operations, it’s the demands of today’s average consumers that are also driving growth in this area, now and well into the future.

Coins-and-Plant-PhaitoonAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and other financial operations occupations are expected to grow by more than 17% between now and 2020, eclipsing the average for all other occupational groups by 3%. Moreover, a number of business and financial operations occupations rank among the top 30 slated to experience the fastest growth over the coming decade. Lastly, IHS Global Insight’s latest Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2013 ranks business services among the top two sectors for both franchise employment growth and overall growth in the number of establishments this year.

When it comes to financial services franchises and other business opportunities, the assortment of options to choose from is very intriguing because it is also expanding rapidly. As consumer and business demand for specific products and services changes in accordance with key demographic shifts, evolving trends and groundbreaking technologies, the marketplace rises to meet it.

The result is an exciting assortment of home-based franchises and other franchises for sale that will whet the appetite of any savvy and ambitious entrepreneur looking to chart his or her own path to financial success and freedom over the next decade and beyond. Here’s just a taste of the kinds of financial-services home-based and other franchise business opportunities the marketplace has to offer you as a prospective small business owner

Loan Consultant— Funding high-demand transactions for virtually any kind of business, such as; equipment leases, SBA loans, asset-based financing, lines of credit, business start-up loans, purchase order finance, merchant financing, factoring, commercial real estate loans and more.

Note BrokeringConnecting buyers and sellers of notes, and linking a person who owns a debt with an investor who is interested in buying it so that the current note holder gets the cash, the investor collects payments over the life of the initial loan and the broker earns a commission.

Credit Card Processing—Helping small, mid-size and even large businesses with their non-cash transaction processing, software and equipment needs.

Insurance and Other Financial Products—Specializes in the sale of insurance and other financial products to meet the needs of various populations, including today’s 72 million-strong “Baby Boomer” market.

Commercial Finance—Providing expert guidance and actual loans to business owners through established lending sources.

Tax Preparation—Preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses, something that is pretty much recession-proof.

Equipment Leasing—Assisting businesses in finding ways to finance the equipment and other critical technologies they need to be successful.

Judgment Recovery—Ensuring court-ordered debts get paid, and that you do too!

ATM Services—Providing ATM machines to hotels and other travel and entertainment venues.

Community Promotions—Using the latest technology to market your own or anyone else’s local business in your community.

Business Savings Consultant—Demonstrating for small businesses just how they can cut costs and enhance their bottom line.

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Start the conversation… What other franchises and business opportunities are HOT in the financial services sector right now? What are the key financially oriented products and services you need and want most today as a small business owner or simply as a consumer?