Find Great Business Opportunities

Find Great Business Opportunities – Book-of-the-Month – Author David Alford maintains that “opportunities come everyone’s way,” but few people know what to do when they find one. And in fact, few people actually know how to find the best ones.

That’s why he wrote How to Identify Great Business Opportunities: a Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right and Profitable Business That Is Best for You. The book is available in paperback and in the Kindle store on Amazon.

How Do You Know? – Find Great Business Opportunities

This compact paperback starts by helping you identify an excellent business opportunity. He talks about finding one that already has a customer base pinpointed.

He also points out that you need to check how easy it is to break even, the importance of being interested in the niche and how competitive it is.

Where Can You Find the Best Opportunities? – Find Great Business Opportunities

Alford is strongly in favor of research when you start looking for the best business to suit your interests, budget and time. He mentions the commonly used methods like using search engines.

But he also suggests joining local business groups and asking friends and friends of friends in your social network.

Find an Opportunity and Make It a Success – Find Great Business Opportunities

Alford makes the reassuring claim that people aren’t born successful. The path to prosperity starts by finding a promising opportunity and running with it.

Without a big dream, you can’t start. Find your vision and then find your opportunity.

Patience and Progress – Find Great Business Opportunities

Success isn’t immediate, at least for most businesses. According to Alford, investing your energy for the long-term is what determines success and profitability.

He also points out that you can’t-do it once and forget it. You need to keep working at streamlining and marketing your company to ensure success.

Be Organized with Your Goals – Find Great Business Opportunities

Dream and get a vision. Then make it practical! That means putting goals on paper, coming up with milestones and planning your to-do list.

Don’t forget your mental game. Alford suggests staying optimistic and expecting favorable outcomes. But don’t stop there. Come up with a Plan B just in case.

Successful companies are made by people who work on the big picture, while carefully taking care of the nuts and bolts on a regular basis.

Make Mistakes! – Find Great Business Opportunities

Everyone makes mistakes, and Alford makes it clear you need to expect them. Don’t give up! In fact, making mistakes, learning from them, then fixing them is how a person learns to be successful.

Once you learn to expect mishaps and failures, you can move on without getting depressed. Don’t let a setback stop you cold. Keep on keeping on.

Use Technology – Find Great Business Opportunities

The web and Google are your friends as you look for the best business opportunity and later when you are running your company. Alford points out the importance of learning and using how to search online.

He also mentions other Google tools like keyword search and Google trends. The more at home you are with technology, the greater your options.

Take Action – Find Great Business Opportunities

As important as research is, at some point you need to take action. Without a decision, backed up by action steps, you will never own your own business.

Be prepared for hard work and commitment. Without that, your new business will fail to thrive. Even a good idea is useless if you don’t take steps to implement it.

You Need People – Find Great Business Opportunities

To grow your business, you need people. One-on-one, you must connect with customers, employees, and suppliers. Online you will be responsible for handling your reviews, outsourcing and getting and giving advice. Be prepared to join clubs and forums. The larger your network, the more you can draw from other people’s experience and the more potential customers you can reach.

David Alford’s book is a solid overview of what you need to know when choosing your best business opportunity or franchise for you.

Find Great Business Opportunities