Freelance & Self Employed Independent Agent Sales Rep Options

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, is a great springboard for your future. Since launching the site in the early 2000’s, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started in their own businesses. The site features over 40 categories of great opportunities to meet the interests of everyone.

One of the most popular categories on is the Independent Agent category. Opportunities in this category are ideal for entrepreneurs that are self-driven and that prefer to work freelance as independent business development agents or self-employed sales representatives.

Independent agents are tasked with initiatives such as brand marketing, product and service promotion and sales. Often businesses that wish to operate with low overhead rely on these self-employed sales representatives to continue to drive the business forward. Businesses typically pay very generous commissions to hard working freelancers. This model is beneficial to both the agent and the business. Unlike businesses that employee salaried sales staff, utilizing agents saves them money when they happen to have some underperforming agents that fail to get the job done.

While independent agents may represent a company or multiple companies, they act as their own bosses, and no one is directly in charge or telling them what to do. In most cases, there are no regular meetings or quarterly performance reviews. Independent agents enjoy the ability to work on their own schedule from the comfort of their home offices. However, agents must have good work ethic and discipline and exceptional organizational skills to be successful.

A great example of an independent agent option with high paying commissions is an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Agent. In this role, the agent will be responsible for reaching out to small business owners with up to 500 employees, helping to educate them on the ERC program and the available funding under the American Rescue Plan Act from the federal government. An ERC Agent must be willing to make cold calls and handle rejection. But rejection is rare for ERC Agents because they help businesses get funding they may not have been aware was available to them.

At we have a lot of other great freelance options for individuals. And it’s our goal to make it easy for anyone to get started in their own business ventures. Many of the advertisers on our site have turn-key opportunities or business-in-a-box options. These options include everything needed to get your business up and running quickly and smoothly. With the included training, marketing materials, support, etc., every entrepreneur can start earning revenue even working part-time.

Whether you’re a newbie and tend to over-analyze everything, or an experienced business owner, we’re confident that you’ll find success with an opportunity on our site. Browse our categories, including our Independent Agent business opportunities, and discover an option that matches your interests and investment level.