Fund Your Start-up or Business Opportunity

At almost some point in your intrepid entrepreneurial career you will find yourself in the need of the financial wherewithal to fund the start-up or business opportunity you desire to get off the ground.  Maybe it is “off the ground” per say, but needs an infusion of cash to really start producing. Learn how to fund your start-up business opportunity or franchise.

So, how do you find this seed money, float, loan, advance, cash, moolah, working capital, scratch, dough and the many other adjectives that I can think of for MONEY!  If you just don’t have sufficient collateral, good credit and/or cash to finance the start-up of your venture, you need to begin looking for a partner or partners who have the finances, desire to participate in this type of start-up and need the skills and ideas you possess to make the business work. Below are my top start-up funding ideas.

My Top List of Ways To Fund Your Start-Up:

Self-funding – These include such ideas as cashing out all or a portion of your 401k, using major credit cards with high balances that you can pay back over time.  I highly suggest you don’t run up your AMEX with no funding to pay the bill that is due at months end.

Personal Savings – If you’re thinking about quitting your day job to start a business, first take time to stash money away and lots of it.  Then think again and keep your day job while you fully fund your new ‘hobby’ that can turn into something more if fully funded.  If you have to decide between paying a light bill and funding your next month of service for your website as an example that is a sign you need to source other funding than your own.
Home Equity Loans – If you are one of the lucky ones who still manages to have equity in your home (insert laugh here for most) – you can take out a home equity loan to fund your business.
Personal Investors – When starting your new business start-up, don’t overlook the potential resources that are closest to you. Anyone can be an investor but, always watch out with doing business with friends or family.  While it doesn’t always end in an ugly it could and you don’t want to loose a family member over a business investment of any kind.
Peer Lending – This form of start-up funding is becoming more and more popular. These days there are social networking websites available to help you raise money for your business. Check out sites like and to learn more about how these peer funding programs can work for you.
Angel – Simple, affordable business loans – Who They Are: We’re a marketplace that connects established businesses looking to borrow, with people and other investors who want to lend. By cutting out the costs and complexity of dealing with banks, you can get an affordable loan for your business in less than two weeks..

Crowd is a good source: Accept investments at any amount and open your offering to the crowd. Small investments are pooled into FlashFunds so you don’t have to add small investors to your cap table. Investments over $25K buy shares directly in your company.

Pawn Shop – So, this might be lower on the ladder than some are willing to go, but if you need a short-term loan fast and you do have collateral such as gold, silver, jewels, musical equipment, cars or whatever you are doubtful to get a straight-up loan from a pawn broker who isn’t bald and laughs a lot.

In closing, never let the lack of funding stop you from achieving your business goals!  If you have the desire, motivation, talent and guts you’ll make it!

My Top List of Ways To Fund Your Start-Up

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