How Do Your Employees Really Feel About You?

If you’re a home-based or other small business, business opportunity or franchise owner with even just one or a few employees, a new report may offer some insight on just what they might be thinking about you. Findings from the new Wakefield Research Study commissioned by IT/cloud-based services giant Citrix indicate that employees believe the worst bosses:

Business Opportunity and Small Business Owners What Do Your Employees Think About You?

• Steal their ideas (37%)

• Are know-it-alls (33%)

• Ignore them (27%)

• And, perhaps most surprisingly, try to be a friend (3%) as opposed to being the boss. This last one is particularly interesting if you are a home-based or other small business owner where the line that separates the personal from the professional can quickly become blurred while working in close proximity and given limited resources.

Based on feedback from more than 1,000 employees, the survey also found that one in five (21%) of them reported they need a break from their boss even more than they do from their actual work. So if you’re the boss, just know that your employees might appreciate a little time and space away from you every once in a while. Any effort you make to ensure that happens might be more appreciated than you’ll ever know.

Learn more about the survey’s findings by clicking on the Citrix Survey Overview now! And if you are thinking of starting up your own business, check out some business opportunities here.