Emerging Mobile Web App Industry Fuels Incredible Business Opportunities

Business opportunities abound when it comes to mobile apps. In fact, the industry is anticipated to top $100 billion by 2015, five times the size that it is today. The reason? It’s simple really. The world is going mobile, and fast!

This year alone, it’s estimated that more than one billion people will use mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the web. By 2015, more U.S. Internet users will gain access via mobile devices then through their PCs or other wired devices.

Incredible Business Opportunities Are Being Fueled By the Growing Mobile Web App Industry

And the most mobile device of them all? That’s right…the smartphone.

Always handy, smartphones are truly revolutionizing the way the world does business. According to GoogleMobileAds, they have actually become our ultimate shopping companions. The proof is in the data:

• 79% of consumers use their smartphones to help them shop, whether it’s to find retail or other business locations, get a coupon, search for inventory, read reviews or simply compare prices

• 70% use it while they are in the store

• 74% report making a purchase as a direct result of information they found using their smartphone―in-store, online or over the phone itself

• 95% report they use their smartphone to find local business information, and 88% of them take action on what they find that day.

Given stats like those, is it any wonder then that one in five business owners say they want to get mobilized this year alone? One in five? That’s a tremendous level of demand in an industry that is really just getting off the ground. Suffice it to say, if the old adage is true that business success is largely the result of offering the right product or service at the right time, then the mobile apps industry more than fits the bill.

As an ambitious entrepreneur who may be interested in capitalizing on the tremendous business opportunities that this emerging field has to offer, here’s just some of what you need to know…

All Mobile Apps Are Not Created Equal

According to Woodrow Bridges, Chief Operating Officer of Instant App Wizard, there are two kinds of mobile apps―native apps and website-based (or web apps). The key difference? A native app must be downloaded and installed on a smartphone and is only truly compatible with the platform for which it was designed, such as iPhone or Android.

And while that means running a native app does not require Internet access, that benefit is largely offset by a number of others the web-based option provides, especially for small business owners.

Why? Mobile web apps are considerably less expensive than native apps, but that’s just for starters. They also:

• Allow users to get updates simply by hitting refresh, where native apps and their updates must be deployed or downloaded

• Can be reformatted to suit any mobile device

• Offer searchable content by default, where native apps are not on the web

• Foster the sharing of web links and use of social media; native apps do only if you build it in

• Enable discussion because data is stored on a server

• Offer no-hassle distribution, where native app stores require approval and wait time

• Provide end-users with free and easy outside access to your content; native apps require a download

• Give business owners much more freedom when it comes to design, plus access to web analytics.

…And Either Are the Companies that Create Them

Instant App Wizard is quickly becoming the standard by which all other mobile web app companies are measured. It not only builds mobile web apps for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but offers a complete turnkey business opportunity that enables entrepreneurs to do the same, affordably and easily.

As the creator of the ultimate, totally comprehensive and most user-friendly reseller dashboard in the industry, Instant App Wizard also offers one of the least expensive business-opportunity price points out there today. In fact, anyone with a smartphone, a true entrepreneurial spirit and just $99 can be up and running their own mobile web apps business in as little as 24 hours. And it’s so easy, even a ten-year old can do it!