Most Advanced, Portable Surf Simulators in the World Allow Anyone to Hang Ten!

Any entrepreneur with an ounce of street smarts can see the potential profits to be made by owning one of the most exciting, interactive and unique crowd pleasers ever invented… a genuine Surf Simulators Hawaii indoor surf simulator. These totally portable, lightweight and easy-to-assemble attractions create buzz and excitement wherever they go. The possibilities are endless…

Surf Simulators Hawaii Brings the Excitement of Surfing Indoors Anywhere, Anytime and Creates Any Entrepreneur’s Idea of an Events Planning and Marketing Sensation!

It all started a little more than two decades ago when a small ad agency was hired to create a “never been done before” promotion for its client that owned a chain of surf shops. Determined to create and promote to the hilt the “World’s First Indoor Surfing Contest,” the agency set to work on developing what was initially a relatively archaic surf simulator. The national broadcast and print media picked up on the event, crowds went wild, the client was beyond thrilled and a business was born. Today, Surf Simulators Hawaii is the premier developer and primary source for the world’s most advanced and respected indoor surf simulators.

The company’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who?” of anyone that matters on Wall Street…Sony Entertainment, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Nike, Motorola and Verizon, to name just a few. All of these companies have experienced the tremendous buzz and energy generated by having an indoor surf simulator at their company events. Now that same level of excitement can be generated anywhere by anyone who owns one of these incredible machines. Surf Simulators Hawaii has made it easy with their multi-faceted, home-based business opportunity.

A Profitable, Fun, “Green” Business Opportunity Like No Other

In the early 20th century, surfing was primarily a Hawaiians-only sport. In fact, it was only with the popularity of the Gidget movies starting in 1959 that surfing really became of interest to anyone else. Since that time, an estimate of 5,000 surfers worldwide has grown to a very conservative 17 million. But many experts believe that number is closer to 27 million and counting. Despite the large numbers and the huge fascination with all things “board” today, when it comes to surfing in particular, space and locales in which to do it is and are limited. Let’s face it, hanging ten on a huge 30-footer just isn’t something anyone can do even if they wanted to. What makes surf simulators such a huge draw is that they make the true Hawaiian surf experience available to anyone, anywhere, of any age with no fear of drowning, sharks or even getting sand in their eyes.

Paul Goo is the CEO and Founder of Surf Simulators Hawaii, and he’s a man on a mission. Goo has created a model for any capable and ambitious entrepreneur to follow that is proven to create waves of profitability, as well as awareness about issues he holds dear. “Our multi-tiered business model articulates all the creative ways someone with even the most basic entrepreneurial instincts can create a successful business as an owner of one of our simulators,” Goo says. “And we’ve made it our goal to use the virtual simulator experience to promote two of the most critical issues facing our society today, ecology and health.”

Anyone who owns a Genuine Hawaiian Surf Simulator is getting the most high-quality, totally portable and easy-to-operate machine of its kind, according to Goo. “It’s perhaps the greatest marketing tool out there,” he says. The opportunities for its use in generating profits are limited only by any owner’s imagination…indoor surf parties/contests for companies, family reunions, individual residences or any other get-together. How about birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings? Any restaurant or retail business that wants to generate buzz and traffic is a potential client. Surf contests as fundraisers, grand openings, special promos…all an owner provides is the surf simulator and a trained operator. At an average hourly rate of anywhere from $150 to $200 or more…well, it’s a bit of a no-brainer! Additionally, owning a surf simulator is a draw for anyone who wants to draw attention to any other products or services they might be selling. Goo boasts that, “Nothing gathers a crowd at a trade show quite like one of our simulators.” Perhaps most important to Goo and his team is the company’s SURFn’Science program, which is available as a marketing strategy to any Hawaiian Surf Simulator owner. The program integrates in a physical way the act of riding a surf simulator with information that educates and informs participants about two of the subjects Goo and his staff care most about. “First, this program focuses on explaining how we can better preserve and protect our oceans and our planet,” Goo says. “Second, it promotes overall health and wellness.” Participants are taught how to create their own, customized eco-surf game for use on their own PC, which revolves around concrete steps that can and should be taken by each of us to save the Earth, our oceans and our beaches from everyday threats like pollution. “When they’ve created the game they want, they can even play it on the surf simulator before they leave,” Goo says. “These eco-friendly, surf sim parties have been a huge hit everywhere we take them!”

And to take a simulator just about anywhere is a cinch for anybody. Each surf simulator is totally portable, takes just 15 minutes to set up and weighs in at just about 25 lbs. “It’s like a money-making machine on wheels,” Goo says. “And if you can just learn to say “Aloha” and “Mahalo”, you’re on your way!”