Nationwide Small Business Technology Tour Kicks Off This Week

The third annual small business technology tour may be just what you need to jumpstart your home-based or other small business opportunity or franchise’s marketing efforts heading into 2013. This year’s tour kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco, with seven other cities on the agenda from now through November, including Chicago (9/25), Boston (9/27), Phoenix (10/12), Washington, DC (10/18), Atlanta (11/1), Miami (11/8) and Dallas (11/15).

Produced by, a website that educates growing businesses about how to use technology to their greatest advantage, the full-day event features a number of prominent speakers who will show small business owners how they can use technology to grow and prosper. Topics include:

• Sales & Marketing: 7 Ways to Date Your Leads and Marry Your Customers

• Office Technology Demo

• How to Boost Sales with Website Analytics

• How Smart Companies Use Mobile Technology to Be More Productive

• How to Get Better Results with Social Media

• And so much more!

For more information on how you can register for this event and save 50% off your ticket price, go to Small Business Technology Tour 2012 now!