NERO Black Drops for Water with Fulvic Humic Minerals and Probiotics

The world has changed considerably over the centuries, especially over the past few decades. With these changes came more industrialization, agriculture, and development on a scale grander than the earth has ever seen. As the landscape changed, so did the nutritional value of the foods we eat, even when grown in the earth. Nero Black Drops is a supplement loaded with fulvic and humic amino acids, electrolytes and SBO probiotics, designed to replenish our bodies with nutrients it needs.

The amount of minerals that were once contained in the soil and our foods has drastically diminished over the years, and mineral deficiencies are more common than ever. When our bodies aren’t getting what they need to perform optimally it can affect our overall health on a grand scale, which is why it’s so important to ensure that we’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals every day. One way to help ensure that we’re getting proper nutrition is by adding mineral supplements to our diets. 

NERO Black Drops offer a healthy and convenient solution for keeping our bodies healthy. Made from USDA Organic Certified ingredients, these drops can be added to water or favorite beverage for health and energy boosting results. The key ingredients of NERO Black Drops include humic and fulvic minerals, SBO (soil-based organism) probiotics and over 77 trace minerals. 

Health Benefits of Humic

Humic is a mineral-rich compound from seaweed. It works by preventing toxins and viruses from attaching to our cells while reducing inflammation and fighting against malignant cell growth. It can also reverse serious conditions by activating the body’s natural system for regulating diseases. When in the stomach, it helps digest processed foods and attacks foreign invaders and toxins. It also helps boost the immune system. Additional health benefits of humic include:

  • Fighting cancer
  • Fighting thyroid tumors
  • Improving sleep
  • Fighting viruses
  • Reversing eye diseases

Health Benefits of Fulvic

Fulvic helps improve our ability to absorb nutrients from the foods and supplements we ingest. It makes the cell membranes easier to enter and carries nutrients to the cells. This allows our cells to absorb more nutrients that are beneficial for our bodies. It also helps reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Additional health benefits of fulvic include:

  • Pain reduction
  • Protection against free radical damage
  • Protection against ulcerous colon infections

Health Benefits of SBO Probiotics

Probiotics contain healthy bacteria that we need to support our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. We have more neurotransmitters in our GI tract that are responsible for mood and mental health than we do in our brains, and so when our gut health is off, our mental wellbeing can suffer as well. Probiotics help keep the gut healthy and balanced. 

They also help with digestion. SBO probiotics are superior to other forms of probiotics because they occur naturally in soil and foods that are grown in the soil. This makes them naturally resistant to the harsh environments of our upper GI and stomach. There is also no need for preservatives or coatings to ensure these probiotics travel where they are needed in the body. 

Nero Black Drops from Carelumina

Nero Black Drops is a concentrated formula that can be quickly and easily added to a bottle of water, turning that water into a nutrient-rich beverage. With just 1 to 2 drops of Nero added to your water twice per day, you would make a noticeable difference in your diet, loading your body with fulvic and humic minerals and the probiotics it really desires.

If you’d like to improve your overall health and have more energy, you owe it to yourself to try NERO Black Drops for your water or favorite beverage. 

The Nero Black Drops Business Opportunity from Carelumina

Nero Black Drops is just one product from an entire line of healthy living products from Carelumina. Carelumina is a physician-owned company that is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with their array of clean beauty and healthy living products.

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Try Nero Black Drops and then introduce your family and friends to this unique product. Nero Black drops is the ideal solution for keeping our bodies healthy with Fulvic Humic Minerals and Probiotics that our bodies need.

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