No Sales! Your Leads Suck! How Can We Close More Deals?

No Sales! The Leads Suck! After ten years in the industry I have heard this more than once. In fact, I hear this so often that a series of educational blog posts are needed to educate sellers on how to close more deals – period.

No sales! Now, first I preface this entire post with one thought and that is most people selling business opportunities don’t really know how to professionally sell nor are they employing the tools needed to metrically understand their sales in general. They’re often told by the very folks who sold them the opportunity that sales are easy and all you need to do is x, y and z.  Later, when this very same person places an ad, a listing, a banner or a blast of some sort and they don’t close sales or “reach anyone” they automatically assume it must be the lead(s).  I’m here to tell you my friends that are often not the case at all.

I recently was contacted by one of our newest advertisers who said and I quote, “Kevin, your leads suck… it has been 72 hours and not a single returned call or email response, so it must be the leads.” As I stated earlier, this is not a new statement and what always strikes me as odd is the expectations people have that are not really based on anything at all.  I will get into this more in my next post on how to better understand if your emails are actually reaching your desired person and if your voicemail if you are leaving one is properly set up to have a call-to-action of some sort.  However, zero calls can lead to zero sales closed and while I do not make a profit by helping people I often do to see if a bit of training would work.  I also enjoy helping people.  In all but one case so far; twenty-two and counting, all have closed sales after a bit of coaching or refinement to their system.

Today, learn how to Get More Voice Messages Returned and Increase Your Close Rate and explore the number of call your making to try an close.  If it is under five, you need to call more and if you have not emailed the prospect at least twelve times you need to increase your emailing too.

No Sales! NOTE: 80% of leads convert on the fifth call.

Learn how to get into more voicemails, get more people to return your calls and below I think are some great articles that will aid in that right away. Leaving an effective voicemail in this industry can make or break sales so that is where I started.

Come back each day and find out more ideas on how to increase your sales with the leads you have.  In addition, you can contact me if you need additional leads or would like to start a lead generation program at 312.533.4180.

No Sales!