Follow this set up guide to help you complete your business profile listing properly. 



This is the name of your opportunity that will appear at the top of your listing.


Typically only a few words, this is a short but enticing sentence. 55 characters maximum, including spaces.

See screenshot below for examples:

Listing Image

This image will show at the top of the listing summary under the listing category. Image should be good resolution and sized to 375 pixels wide x 225 pixels tall.

See screenshot below for examples:


When building a listing, it’s very important to not overlook the “Highlights.”  Highlights is a short description of the opportunity that will show as the summary under the listing image. The Highlights will let vistors get a quick and general understanding of your opportunity. It’s best to keep it short (under 200 characters). The listing image and summary will appear among other advertised opportunities, therefore it’s recommended to make it interesting or exciting so that opportunity seekers will want to learn more.


The logo will show at the top left corner of your listing. Image should be good resolution and sized to a square 225 x 225 pixels. Visible white space on sides is perfectly fine.

See screenshot below for example:

Opportunity Description

This is the full description of your opportunity that will show on your listing page in “Summary of Opportunity.” 

Your opportunity description should provide a full summary of the business opportunity, but does not need to explain everything. It’s recommended that it be interesting and compelling so that the opportunity seeker will want to learn more. This section can be up to 3000 characters (including spaces). In order to ensure that your opportunity generates as much interest as possible, we recommend making sure that your content is clearly written, free of spelling and grammatical errors and is interesting or compelling.

Paste the content of your opportunity in the white space below the toolbar. The toolbar will allow for some customization to content, such as bolded text or different colored text. When pasted, the text will default to ‘Paragraph’ sized text. 

You may resize headings and subheadings. The drop down arrow next to ‘Paragraph’ will provide these additional text sizing options. It is suggested that the large H1 font only be used for the main headline at the top of the listing.

Subheadings can use H2, H3, or H4. H3, or even the smaller H4, tend to look best for subheadings.  

It is best to add spaces between paragraphs. It is suggested that you view your listing in another browser tab or window while working on the listing to ensure proper spacing. 

While you may use the ‘Add Media’ button to upload an image or graphic to be placed within the listing text, it is suggested that images be uploaded to the Image Gallery. The Image Gallery displays images to the right of the content. A maximum of 5 images is permitted.

NOTE: No hyperlinked images, text or external links or phone numbers are permitted in the listing text.  

See screenshot below for example:

Opportunity Video (optional)

If you have a video of your opportunity, it can be displayed at the top right of your listing. You may include either a YouTube or Vimeo link here. Please note that shortlinks, embed codes or videos hosted on other sites will not work. 


Gallery Images (optional)

If you have images you’d like to display, you can upload up to 5 of them here. Images will display in the gallery to the right of the listing text. If multiple images are uploaded, the 1st image in the sequence will serve as the main image. To change the order, simply drag the images to the desired position. Please be sure to use high resolution images so they don’t appear pixelated or stretched.


Initial Investment (optional)

The upfront costs to get started.


Total Capital Required (optional)

The total out of pocket cost for the opportunity.


Financial Assistance (optional)

If financial assistance is available, you may enter that information here. This is typically a YES or NO field.


Year Founded

The year the company or opportunity was founded.


Training & Support

If training and support is available, you may enter that information here. Typically this is a YES or NO field.


Opportunity Pitch

The opportunity pitch is the summary of the opportunity. The pitch will show under the listing image in searches and categories sections. It’s important to be sure that the pitch is clearly written, is enticing to readers and is no more than 360 characters (including spaces).


Have Questions?

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