Sales Conversion Tips & Strategies on How to Close More Leads

No matter what industry and what product or service a business is offering, proper handling of leads is critical. Businesses that mishandle leads may be missing out on sales from prospect customers. And when a business is spending money on marketing efforts to obtain those leads, they’re really just throwing money away. Here are some sales conversion tips and strategies that will show you how to close more leads for your small business so that you’re not wasting money.


Phone Right Away

When people visit a website and take the time to complete a lead form, a prompt response is very important. The minute the lead comes in, it’s hot. These prospects typically move on and submit a lead forms with other companies that may also be able to provide the solution they’re looking for.  

An immediate phone call to every prospective customer can prevent a hot lead from going cold. Even if you have to leave a voicemail message, your company will be fresh in the mind of the prospects and show them that you’re eager to serve them. And in many cases, the first business that has the opportunity to speak with a prospect actually earns the business.


Deliver a More Favorable Offer

Despite an effort to be the first to reach a prospect by phoning, it may not happen. Sales conversion strategies on how to close more leads can be as simple as providing better deals than your competition. Be prepared to have a favorable offer or even a discount ready so that it’s easier for the prospect to chose your business or the next one.


Work on the Weekend

For many businesses, the workweek ends at 5 p.m. on Friday. Leads that come in after that time are ignored and pushed off to the next week. This can be a huge mistake that can end up costing a sale. When a potential customer submits a lead form after regular hours, there’s nothing wrong with following up on Saturday or even Sunday. Prospective customers will likely appreciate your prompt follow up, and may choose your business for going the extra mile and working for them on what they perceive as your day off.


Texting (SMS) Messaging

Text (SMS) messaging is another sales conversion strategy or tip on how to close more leads. For years, text messaging seemed to be a method of communication reserved for conversing between family and friends. Only a few years ago, businesses did not even think about texting customers. But the times have changed. Text messaging now is a preferred method of communication, especially among young men and women. Sending a text message to a potential customer is a fast and direct way to reach them and will help to keep your business fresh in their mind.


Social Media

Establishing a personal connection with each customer has always been helpful. But with so much competition today, it’s almost a necessary strategy. Social media is a great tool to find out more information about potential customers. If you take the time to locate your prospects on social media, you may discover some things about them that can help you relate, which can help you win their favor.


Customized Emails

Using customized auto-responder email templates is another sales conversion strategy on how to close more leads. Prospects that submit lead forms can receive your email response right away with auto-responder emails in place. These emails can help to keep leads warm by reassuring potential customers that you’re on top of it and will get back to them as soon as possible.


Build & Rely on Your Good Reputation

Purchase decisions these days are often made after reading consumer reviews. When choosing a business or service provider, the same is true. A great way for a business to build a good reputation is by having good reviews, references and even testimonials. Proudly display positive customer reviews on your website to help potential customers make the choice of your business over others.


Follow Up & Be Available

Often businesses and independent sales agents make just one attempt at follow up and then give up on the customer. This is a big mistake. The best sales conversion tip on how to close more leads is to not give up so early. Businesses that follow up at least two times show the prospective customer that they are interested in earning their business and are available to address their needs.


Using these strategies and tips can go a long way in not only building a good reputation for your business, but will also help you close more leads.