Sales Success Inspiration To Close More Deals

Sales Success Inspiration – Hello my friends and welcome to another installment of The Special Sauce Series on Sales.

Sales Success Inspiration is the name of the game today.  We left off with the last post “No Sales! Your Leads Suck! How Do I Close More Deals?” post.  And, after talking with many who read the post it was clear that many more posts will be needed to detail a starting point to gain traction with your up & close cycle.

While I have written at least one post that I can think of on the subject, it is clear that many are still not using a CRM of some sort.  In addition, they have no idea what a CRM will do for them and how eye-opening it can be to use one.  I find this lack of information something we need to address to ensure people understand that when they receive a lead what to do first with said data.  Using a CRM properly is also proven to increase your sales.  We have had multiple writers touch on this subject so let me share with you again what they presented to help you get your database set up properly and knowing more about your sends in general.

What Is CRM Software? – Sales Success Inspiration

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How CRM Can Save Your Small Business Money – Sales Success Inspiration

With so much affordable and in some cases free options it is almost silly to not be using one.  The list is long why you should be using a CRM, but if I had to pick one reason is to know if the person/company received the email in the first place.  Many just assume that is the case and in reality close to 99.9% of all emails sent from the big five; Aol, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and MSN will go to spam.  How many of us check our spam?  We all know what happens when we assume things.  So stop assuming and stop knowing more – sales success inspiration!

Recently, I have found a new player that I really like called Spiro and they serve up a beautiful bounty of features each specially designed to aid salespeople and owners of entrepreneurial opportunities, distributorships, and even Franchise salespeople to sell more while helping your company grow faster.

Sales Success Inspiration

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