Digital Non-profit Fundraising and Small Business Coupon Platform

Share small business digital coupons and help local non-profits thrive using Daily Deal Hub’s digital coupon and fundraising platform.

Does your business or non-profit need a flexible coupon or fundraising platform?


Now you can create local daily deals, digital coupons, and mobile coupons for your local area and aggregate them in one easy-to-use site to allow fundraising for local organizations with Daily Deal Hub!

With our easy to use platform, you post daily, weekly, or monthly deals from local businesses like restaurants, spas, or any retail store. The local business gives you coupons for their business which you post on your Daily Deal Hub website. Work with a local charity and give them a commission to sell digital coupons. You make money; the charity makes money, and the local business gets new business!  

Do you remember the coupon books of your childhood?

Daily Deal Hub is the modern version of coupon books that charities used to sell. With Daily Deal Hub, you can pull a struggling charity into the 21st century using the tried and true business model of coupon books.

It’s as simple as that with your new Daily Deal Hub platform that creates local daily deals, digital coupons, mobile coupons and social media coupons! 

Daily Deal Hub digital platform provides everything you need to run your local deals website and mobile marketing business. We are your back offices so you can focus on generating revenue. Use your own name and brand; the Daily Deal Hub name will not appear anywhere! Make money selling local deals and help local charities. Additionally, there are hundreds of creative partnerships to team up with like local youth soccer clubs or any youth sports organizations. They raise money; you make money, and the local businesses generate new customers.  

What are you waiting for?  Start a Fundraising or Crowdfunding Business Website. Launch a deals website now in your hometown and get to work signing up deals to help local organizations fundraiser!