A Small (Tech) Business Success Story-Zoom

…an excerpt written by Lauren Diethelm in her article on Fundera.

Zoom, founded by Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan came to the US from China to pursue the internet boom. The first eight times he applied for a visa, he was denied. Finally on the ninth attempt he was approved, but the process lasted two years.

In 2012 Yuan founded the communication platform Zoom. Yuan says that Zoom started as a daydream, a solution to a long distance relationship that required a 10-hour train ride to see the other.

Now, Zoom is used by more than 750,000 companies to keep their teams connected through video and audio conferencing, collaborative work spaces, chat, and more.

The take away:

Yuan’s difficult visa experience is a reality for many immigrants. But it’s also a testament to what can happen if you’re persistent and willing to keep trying.

Whether you’re applying for an official document like a visa or a permit, or you’re simply trying to solve a difficult problem, trying over and over again will yield results—even if it takes a few years.

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Zoom, a small business success story