SocialXpand Business Opportunity Interview w/ Brian Weiss

SocialXpand Business Opportunity Interview w/ Brian Weiss was for me a new way to learn from a customer and whom I consider a friend in the industry.

I’ve had the opportunity to work for a while now with Brian Weiss who is the Director of Sales for the SocialXpand Business Opportunity and it was obvious that he was a perfect fit for the Entrepreneur Exchange on  Let me tell you a bit about their opportunity and you just might see yourself running your own SocialXpand Business Opportunity.

Question: – SocialXpand Business Opportunity – What do you think is the greatest challenge facing business owners today and why? Any suggestions for how to address those challenges?Answer: Business owners need to make sure that the products or services that they sell are still needed by their customers.  These days industries that are hot last year may not be popular this year.  Owners need to make sure that what they are putting their time and money into is still as useful to potential customers as it used to be.  It’s much easier to sell something that is in demand than to take something that is not and try to convince people that it will be useful.
As a technology company, we at SocialXpand decided to focus on social media rather than other digital services because it continues to increase in popularity among how businesses are advertising way more than most other digital marketing solutions. We feel constantly reassured in the relevance of our services today and in the future and our Resellers benefit from selling a solution that businesses truly need.Question: – SocialXpand Business Opportunity – What is the single strongest piece of advice you would have for someone just starting out in business for themselves?Answer: If you are starting a business by yourself know that you can’t-do everything yourself.  It is also extremely expensive to hire help, so much so that it often puts you out of business.  Wow, what a discouraging comment!  Basically, I’m saying typically you are damned if you DO everything yourself and damned if you DON’T do everything yourself because hiring other help and outsourcing tasks can be so expensive that it puts you out of business.
Here’s how some business owners solve this:
1) [not recommended] Business owners who can’t afford to pay others for help spend 80+ hours a week for the first few years so they can handle every aspect of their business for a hope of slow success.
2) [not recommended] Business owners who are fortunate can get funding from investors. They can then afford to hire staff and outsourced parts of their business to other specialty companies.  If they are very lucky they will eventually be able to pay off the expenses of all their employees, product & service providers, and pay back the loan they receive plus a lot of interest and make a profit.
30 [Recommended]  Choose an opportunity that has most aspects of the business already provided for you so you can hit the ground running making sales – consider starting a turnkey business. At SocialXpand we provide our Resellers various white label solutions so they can have under their own brand: a website that looks like our social media management software, marketing materials, phone scripts, rebuttals, contract template, questionnaires, 10,000 leads each month, training videos, and support.  We also teach you how to hire Sales Reps to work on commission only so they do the work at no risk to you.
Question: – SocialXpand Business Opportunity – What process do you follow to successfully close on a lead and make the final sale? Any tips?Answer: There are many things that our Resellers do to close a lead and make a sale. We provide 10,000 leads each month to each Reseller.  We do not recommend that they spend time calling all them themselves.  We suggest they use a bulk email software to send an email offering a “Free Social Media Management Assessment” to those who respond back.  Those who reply back become qualified leads and our Resellers analyze their social media sites and point out what they need to improve on. Then they sell back the advantages of using their software and management to help them find and retain customers on social media sites.  They add the leads to a CRM. They send follow-up emails through MailChimp or Constant Contact which our software integrates with.  They provide a special deal from time to time and ask for the sale.
Besides mass emailing the leads, our Resellers hire agents in the Philippines to call the leads and schedule appointments for them. They also do voice broadcasting find interested businesses. Besides using our 10,000 leads they use our prospecting app to bring up businesses in a specific industry near their home along with their website, phone, number of check-ins and likes on Facebook, and how the business compares to similar companies so at the start of the call the Reseller can know how well the business is doing on social media sites.There are many other techniques we teach to close a sale but these are some examples of what works well.
We would like to invite you to visit SocialXpand’s profile on our website so you can see for yourself how great a fit it might be for your future business venture.