Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast

Are sales down? Do you need to boost sales? Check out our latest Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast!

Let’s be honest, if sales are low, business and moral are low. Low sales over a period of time can lead to a business shutting down. With online retail giants, like Amazon, continuing to grow in popularity, it can be hard on small businesses’ sales. Today, many consumers flock to online retailers to buy goods for a number of reasons. Sometimes buying online is the most cost-effective option for the customer. Online retailers also have an enormous variety of goods a customer can choose from that are delivered to their house. While many customers say they prefer to support small businesses, often, they end up choosing convenience over everything else. No matter if a business is booming or needing to increase sales, small business owners everywhere are always looking to boost sale and grow their business. To help you, we’ve compiled the best Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast!

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast – Have a Sale or Promotion.

Let’s be honest, if we see the word ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ we’re interested, very interested. It’s pretty much in our DNA as consumers to get excited about the idea of getting something at a discount. Many companies have built their entire business around the idea of sales and promos. Look at Ipsy, a cosmetic and beauty product sample company that sends customers five deluxe product samples each month. The products are chosen for you based on your profile and review of products from prior months. If you like a product, you can buy the full-sized version often at a discount. In today’s market, sales and promotions are your best weapon against the competition.

Advertise a sale or promotion very clearly. You want to ensure customers know the start and end date of the sale. Make sure sale and promotional items are clearly marked! When a customer thinks an item is on sale, they get excited and plan on spending a certain amount on that item. Often, the amount they think they are paying may have convinced them to buy the product in the first place. The last thing you want is to lose the sale at the register because someone didn’t want to pay more than what they convinced themselves it was worth.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast – Bundle Your Goods or Services.

Many business owners report having had a lot of luck boosting sales by creating samples bundles of their goods and services. Just as customers love a good sale, they love a good bundle. Consumers often consider a bundled package of good and services as a way for them to save money by trying the product before splurging on the full-sized item. Typically, this is true. Bundles allow your customers to try a wide variety of products for a lower price and decide If they want to buy the full-sized product. What’s the best part about creating a bundle? Customers will get to try products they might not have planned to or wanted to try but could not afford due to a price tag.

How can you make the most out of your bundles? Keep them flexible. If you can, allow customers to create their own bundle. This will also give you some insight into what customers are looking to try most. If customizable bundles are not possible, maybe you can let them swap out an item or two. Consumers are less likely to buy a bundle if they feel they would use less than half the products.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast –  Get Feedback from Current Customers.

Your current clientele is a great resource to learn what more about what you could be doing to get more business. Talk to your customers. Ask them about what you’re doing well, what could be improved, and what makes them choose your business over others. A great way to get feedback is through a survey. Want to get the most out of your surveys? Offer an incentive to your customers for completion. I once took a twenty-minute survey for a new store in order to get $25 off my purchase of $30 or more. It was helpful for the store as well. They learned about their potential clients and their shopping experience. I got a discount on my purchase, which I was not planning on making. However, $25 off enticed me into spending money.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast – Ask for Referrals.

Referrals can bring in a lot of new business. We all know that if someone recommends something, we’re more likely to try it. Just today a friend messaged me for some skincare recommendations. She went to Sephora for one $20 item and walked out with a bag of goodies totaling over $300. Referrals work. A great way to get a referral is to ask for them. There is no shame in this.

You can get referrals in a number of ways. You might want to ask people to review you on your Facebook page or Yelp. Again, incentives work great. Why not offer a discount to the current customer whose referral turns into a new customer? You can also offer a new customer discount to help entice someone’s first purchase. The same idea goes for getting someone to write a review on your page. Again, ask your customers!  First, see how many people review your business on their own accord. If the numbers are low, bring in some incentive tactics. People tend to want to help their favorite local businesses grow and stay in business. Use this sentiment to your advantage!

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales Fast – Reevaluate Your Cold Calling Technique.

Are you in a business that requires you to cold call potential customers to get a sale? What is your cold calling strategy? What is your close ratio? It can be very beneficial to evaluate your cold calling strategy from time to time. Cold calling is something that can be a bit intimidating at first. The best way to start making it work for you is to get on the phone. The more you practice, the more you’ll feel confident. The art of cold calling is a book in itself, but I’ll give an overview of tips. Ask yourself about the following:

Leads. Lead generation is the best way to increase sales. It’s much easier to sell to someone who is already interested in your product than someone whose interest you need to catch right away. If your leads are looking low, ask for referrals and engage with more potential customers through your social media platforms. You may want to consider spending the money on an advertising and marketing agency. These companies can blast your information on their social media and website. This has the potential to reach 100,000 + people depending on the companies following.

Decide when to call. Typically, the best days of the week to a successful sales call are Wednesday and Thursday. You are more likely to get someone on the phone in the morning than you are if you call in the afternoon. Don’t be afraid to call after hours! More calls equal more sales. Set yourself a ‘call schedule’ to stay on track and not procrastinate.

Call Planning. You may be anxious and want to introduce yourself, pitch your product, and close the sale all at once. However, in the long-run, you’ll probably make fewer sales using this method than if you carefully crafted a plan. Set aside a block of time in the morning to get ready for your sales calls. Prepare by setting a certain number of calls to complete. Before you start calling, define your goal and create a script based on it. However, in case someone wants to hear your pitch right away, make sure you have all scripts- introduction, pitch, and close – ready to go. You don’t want to get caught off guard and lose a sale.

Create a Script. Draft a script depending on the objective of your call. Make sure it clear, direct, and uncomplicated. You want to show confidence and establish credibility. Introduce yourself and define your position at your company. Briefly, explain why you are calling. Try something like this:

“Hi, customer’s name, my name is your name. I have a product that we use with several other companies like yours, such as A, B, and C. I would love to set up a demonstration with you next week. What’s your availability? How does Wednesday sound?”

When you encounter questions, you want to respond, but you also want to end your brief explanation by plugging a follow-up meeting: “I’d love to get into more detail with you, how does a call on Wednesday work for you?”

Work with the Gatekeeper. Getting past the gatekeeper can be tough. Sometimes you will get lucky and put right through to the person you need. However, more often than not you’ll need to work with the gatekeeper. Don’t make this person your enemy, Be respectful of their job. Be courteous, yet direct with the gatekeeper. After you ask to speak with the person you need, and the gatekeeper asks you for the purpose of your call, try this:

You: Yes, I’m looking for X, is she available?
Gatekeeper: No, she’s not available, may I take a message?
You: Thank you very much, but I need to run out of the office. I’ll try back later. What time should she be back in?
Gatekeeper: Her schedule varies, try in the afternoon.
You: Great! How late is someone in your office? What time would I be able to catch you in the morning?

This is will provide you information on the gatekeeper’s schedule. Keep in mind, many bosses arrive earlier or leave later than the staff. It’s worth an after-hours phone call to try and catch them. If you do catch the boss, pass along a compliment to the gatekeeper!

Keep trying! Don’t let one ‘no’ keep you down. Most sales start with a ‘no’. In fact, they start with 4 ‘no’s’. A salesperson will have to try up to 4 times to get a ‘yes’ to a sale. Don’t view a ‘no’ as a shutdown, take it as an opportunity to demonstrate your passion and knowledge. And you can also source startup bizopp opportunities!

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