Top 10 Best Gadgets for Owners of Business Opportunities

New tech gadgets keep spilling into the marketplace. Here is a look at 10 that can help busy entrepreneurs and startup bizopp opportunity entrepreneurs run their companies and conduct business anywhere.

At the Office

Here is a look at three gadgets to make your office life a little easier.


Signing documents can get complicated in the internet age, presenting major security concerns. DocuSign is one of safest, most effective ways to get contracts signed online. Whether your client is on the other side of town, several states away or across the world, you can upload, share and sign documents securely and conveniently.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are far more convenient that standard models with cords. They allow for hands-free calling and comfortable listening when connecting with customers and suppliers. One of the best models is the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones. Though originally made for runners, the sleek design fits nicely into the office.

Speech Recognition Software

Many business owners find it easier to create content, from letters to emails and blog posts, by talking it out instead of writing it out. Dragon Speech Recognition Software is the major name in the field. It offers reliability and accuracy and handles audio transcription quickly.

In the Home

Work-at-home business opportunities are so popular because they offer entrepreneurs the convenience of no commute and running a company in their pajamas. But the workload is still heavy. Here are two gadgets that can help.

Treadmill Desk

Surprisingly, people who work from home are seldom in any better physical shape than their cubicle counterparts. Sitting at a computer all day is associated with a host of chronic conditions and shorter life span.

The treadmill desk is one answer. The specially constructed office desk fits over a standard treadmill, letting a person work at the computer and talk on the phone while walking at a slow and steady pace. As well as physical benefits, the constant movement improves creativity by 60%.

Remote Door Bell

SkyBell lets you answer your door bell with your smartphone. Providing security and convenience, it makes it simple to see, speak and hear visitors who show up at your door, all without leaving your home office.

On the Road

Making the best use of travel time is important to entrepreneurs on the go. Here are five gadgets that make your trip more productive and comfortable.

Wearable Tech

Internet-connected gadgets that you wear, like the Hot Watch, Apple Watch, Moto Smart Watch and Samsung Gear, let you receive text messages, even when you’re doing laps in the hotel pool. If you’re waiting for an important message, this is handy.

Though the screens are tiny, you can write notes with them. If you’re late for a meeting and start running, they automatically act as pedometers and start tracking your distance. When you’re stuck at the airport waiting for a late flight, you can watch movies on them.

Combo Travel Router

This gadget is a must for travelers to foreign countries with diverse types of outlets. The Satechi Smart Travel Router offers several plug configurations that work in over 150 countries. If you are staying in a hotel with an older wired Ethernet connection, it lets you convert it to wireless.


When traveling, you need to take along data that isn’t suitable for cloud storage options. If you have a lot of data, consider the Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive that will hold an astounding two terabyte of data. It is small in size and comes in a metal case for security and protection.

If you need smaller amounts of storage, try the versatile Silver 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks. You never know when you will need to access a white paper at your chic cocktail party.

Receipt Scanner

You need to keep track of your meal and hotel receipts if you want to get reimbursed. The Doxie One is a small, portable scanner that transforms all types of physical content, from papers to receipts and even photos, to digital data.

For greater versatility, check out the SnapLite Desk Lamp iPhone5 Scanner. It looks and functions as a lamp, but it also transforms your iPhone into a scanner that will handle letter size documents.

Tiny Business Cards

Business cards are still a necessity but they can take up valuable space for the traveler. You can put an entire stack of Moo MiniCards into your pocket. They fit easily into a wallet or purse. They catch the attention of recipients with their small size and wide range of distinctive designs.

Smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage of new gadgets that save them time and make their lives easier.