Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System

Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System – The internet loves obscure abbreviations. You can skip over most of them, but not CMS. It means a Content Management System, which for most online marketers is a fancy way of saying WordPress.

What Is a CMS System Anyway & Why Is It Important To Me As A Business Owner? Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System – Your content management system is the core of your website. It simplifies the entire process of making the best use of your website. And the easier it is to update and tweak, the more often you will do it. When you consistently update your blog, product descriptions, images and videos, the more sales you have.

A CMS, like WordPress or Squarespace, is software that handles several essentials for your website:

  • Stores content, including articles, blogs, graphics, photos, videos and audios
  • Makes it easy to edit your content, adding and updating quickly and with little, if any, special coding knowledge
  • Lets more than one person log into your site to do edits, meaning you allow others to help you administer your site

There are several common choices for your CMS, with WordPress leading the pack by a country mile. Other popular ones are Drupal, Joomla!, and Squarespace. Each has its own pros and cons.

Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System – What Is the Alternative?

If you don’t use a CMS system, then you have a static website. These were the only type available for the first decade and a half of the internet. They get your message out, but it’s not easy to change them.

Static sites are hard-coded, meaning absolutely everything must be done one step at a time. They use web programming techniques that require knowledge of HTML and other languages. It is difficult to add copy, change images and tweak the design. Unless you take the time to learn HTML, you must hire a webmaster to make all of your updates.

Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System

Here is a look at seven reasons savvy entrepreneurs switch to content management systems.

No advanced skills needed. A CMS makes it easy for non-techies to update their website on a regular basis. This saves you time waiting for a designer or webmaster to do the work. You can makes changes on the fly, for a spur-of-the-moment sale or when a problem comes up that makes it important for you want to communicate quickly with your customers. Because you can do the work yourself, it also saves you money.

Share the work. Because you can have multiple administrators for your website, you can easily share the tasks involved in keeping it updated. Admins can log in from anywhere you have an internet connection to make changes.

Get better search engine rankings. The plugins and tools that CMS systems have available let you get ranked higher in the search engines. A large number of third-party plugins are customized to the needs of specific niches.

Stay safe. With hackers a constant in the news, you know how important it is to keep your data safe, especially if you have an ecommerce site. That’s why it is reassuring that the many developers behind each CMS system are constantly on the job to update the security settings of their software.

Save money. You can do so much yourself when your website uses a CMS system instead of being static. Updates and changes are quick and simple for anyone. You can even redesign it with a new theme without outsourcing the work.

Keep your software up-to-date. It is important that your website has the latest and greatest functionality in order to stay safe and be competitive. Most CMS systems have regular upgrades and provide you with tutorials to know how to make use of the new changes. As a rule, they have support desks where you can get answers to problems via email or phone.

Control your marketing efforts easily. A CMS system lets you handle SEO, social media, email marketing and blogging all from a single dashboard. This saves money and makes it easier to control your internet marketing strategy.

A CMS system leverages your website budget, your time and your efforts. Software that makes your life so much simpler and your internet marketing efforts so much more effective is definitely worth a look.  Go look into one today and make your life easier.  Make your business more profitable.  Make your customers happier :’).

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Top 7 Reasons to Consider a CMS System