Unprecedented Demand for Precious Metals Makes Scrap Recycling a Very Attractive “Green Jobs” Option to Earn Extra Income

Thousands of dollars worth of gold, platinum and silver is discarded everyday by consumers, and they don’t even realize it. Scrap electronics, catalytic converters from junked cars and old jewelry are just a few of the sources at your disposal to generate significant additional income. That is if you know what you’re doing. Good news! It’s easier than you think…

Precious Scrap Metal Recovery: A Green Business Opportunity That Is More Lucrative than Ever Before

Peter Steiner is the President of I RECOVER PRECIOUS METALS, which provides an online business opportunity resource guide to entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the green jobs revolution, as well as the unprecedented and skyrocketing demand for precious metals. Tapping the wealth of expertise he has assembled in consultation with some of the foremost experts in the field, Steiner’s guide is a true bargain at just $29.95, especially when you consider gold is trading at well over $1,000 per ounce!

“Our guide covers more than 20 different sources for finding and recovering precious metals, many of them from typical household products,” Steiner says. “When these items are discarded and the precious metals inside them are as well, it’s not only a lost opportunity to generate revenue, but it’s harmful to the environment.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling just one old car saves the equivalent of 502 gallons of gasoline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 8,811 lbs. and one old refrigerator 36 gallons and 566 lbs.

According to Steiner, there are at least seven different ways to safely and legally find and recover precious metals. “Our resource guide teaches people how they can turn their findings into cash by having their findings refined by a professional refiner, of which there are thousands nationwide,” he says.

In fact, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) alone represents 7,000 facilities across the country that process, broker and industrially consume all matter of scrap commodities, including non-ferrous, precious metals. “This is big business,” Steiner says. In 2008 alone, ISRI put the industry total at $86 billion. But to be successful and committed to creating a sustainable and legitimate business of this kind takes hard work and know-how.

Consulting the Experts

Steiner has worked at length to assemble the expertise of a number of professional precious metals refiners in one place. His online resource guide and its ongoing updates enable virtually anyone who has an interest in precious metals identification and recovery to start their own business, either part- or full-time. “This is by far the least expensive and quickest way to make good money recovering precious metals from electronic and automotive scrap and junk jewelry out there,” Steiner says. “We’ve taken great pains to include the know-how of the foremost experts in one, easy-to-use resource guide that will set anyone on their way to recognizing, recovering and turning the precious metals found in everyday, discarded objects into cold, hard cash…quickly and easily!”

Asked about recent headlines regarding the extent of illegal trade in the scrap recycling industry, Steiner assures anyone who is interested in learning the business that the I RECOVER PRECIOUS METALS program focuses on the practically limitless, perfectly legal options for recovering and selling precious metals. “The demand for recycled scrap of all kinds has just skyrocketed, and unfortunately, there are people who have allowed that demand to cloud their judgment,” Steiner says. “If people know what they are looking for and how to find it the right way, there is absolutely no need to go that route.”

In addition, industry leaders like the ISRI are joining the federal and local governments in cracking down on those who do engage in illegal recycling practices. “When for just under $100 you can learn how to recover and recycle precious metals scrap the right way and make tremendous money doing it legally, taking a risk and doing it illegally just doesn’t make sense,” Steiner says.

We couldn’t agree more.