Business Opportunity Vetting Guide

For nearly 20 years, has been a leading source for opportunity seekers to find business and franchise opportunities. Our website contains an abundant amount of information about starting and managing a small business and features many opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as veteran businesspeople.

At we have seen business opportunities come and go and have seen others stand the test of time. Before allowing any businesses to advertise on our site, we do our best to vet each of the opportunities so that we only list the best opportunities available to opportunity seekers. We do not allow opportunities that are scams or make false claims. We do not allow opportunities that we discover to be fraudulent or unethical in nature. Should we discover an advertiser that doesn’t meet our standards that slipped through our vetting process, they will promptly be removed from our site. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur and business professional, you also have a responsibility to vet each opportunity that may be of interest to you. Regardless of whether you discovered an opportunity on our site or elsewhere, this guide of the 10 most important questions will help you determine whether an opportunity feels right to you.