Wellness Product Business Opportunity, Health Drink

Are you into healthy living? Do you have an interest in working for yourself? Well then, you should check out this nutrition and wellness product business opportunity that enables you to be a top-selling health drink distributor!

At BusinessOpportunity.com, we feature a variety of options for entrepreneurs that have always wanted to start a turnkey business but are not sure where to begin.

Now we have an exciting option available through one of our partners that allows health and wellness enthusiasts to start a small business, work at their own pace and earn great residual income.

The company, Zurvita, has become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. As a consultant for Zurvita, individuals will essentially be operating their own business selling Zurvita’s proven products.

The company’s flagship product is a dietary weight management health drink called Zeal for Life. When developing their first product, the company sought to create an extremely nutritional yet delicious heath drink that “sells itself.”

This drink is loaded with 39 of the world’s best super food ingredients and has become a top-selling nutritional health drink throughout the world.

Zeal for Life is the foundation for a weight management program that has an unmatched success rate when compared to the many other health, nutrition and supplement weight management programs out there.

And compared to many home-based business opportunities, Zurvita’s consultant/ distributor program and compensation plan is unmatched.

The founders of Zurvita built a compensation plan that truly rewards consultants for their sales and marketing achievements. With the generous compensation plan, it’s possible for new consultants to earn full-time income and quality for a new luxury car in the first 30 days of getting started.

This is likely the only health and wellness business opportunity in the world that enables hard working individuals to reach $20-$30 thousand in monthly earnings after just six months simply by selling the Zeal for Life health drink.

When consultants sign up to be a distributor for Zurvita’s health drink, they receive advanced training, 24/7 support and the ability to receive coaching from one of the company’s All Star consultants.

As a consultant for Zurvita, you’re getting started in a business opportunity that removes possibly the biggest factor that prevents entrepreneurs from diving into any business venture: the element of risk. With Zurvita, initial capital investment is minimal and risk is virtually non-existent.

Are you ready to launch your business and earn full-time income in your first month? Learn more about this wellness business opportunity with Zurvita and their top-selling health drink today.

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