Why Should I Post On Free and Paid Online Directories?…You Ask, We Answer

There are dozens of quality Web Directories, Business Directories and Article Resource Directories on which to place your company’s URL. They play a critical role in how you can drive both free and paid traffic to your website.

Let’s talk about free directories first, as they might be the best place to start for many reading this article. Free Business Directories are perfect for home-based, franchise opportunity, licensee and distributorship opportunities, as well as other related products and/or services that are of benefit to the Business Opportunity and Franchise market sector. You can post who you are and what you do and, in some cases, for how much, in addition to all of your company’s details along with your contact information for millions to view each year.

Don’t forget to list your company name & URL, address, phone and email. Make sure to list your company details to increase visibility. This is an important step because many users rely heavily on this description information to see if it will help them access the information they are searching for, which will ultimately encourage them to visit your site. Additionally, this helps search engines like Google to rank your URL and will potentially get you a higher non-paid, organic ranking.

Keep in mind that a web directory is analogous to a massive reference library at the fingertips of an online user. Paid directories often shortlist company details above many free company listings when users are searching for possible choices to reference. In addition, paid directories are often populated by the more heavyweight companies who want to be seen by a serious audience or other companies searching out certain data that is useful to them.

The difference between free and paid is often the quality of the products or service in question. For instance, if you asked someone to cut your hair for free, you might end up with a hairstyle that resembles a character from the movie, ‘Dumb and Dumber’. Although a great movie, that particular hairstyle might not be what you had in mind. Conversely, if you had paid a professional hairstylist, you would most likely receive the haircut you had desired. Web Directories, Business Directories and Article Resource Directories are no different and, in some cases, taking the paid route is often more wise.

Also, you can help your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by listing on paid sites or free sites. Currently, the most prevalent SEO algorithm selects pages that are rich in content, as well as the number of quality links that point towards that URL amongst other factors. The more quality links pointed towards any one site, the higher ranked it can be. Adding your URL on paid sites can make your page stand out and give you higher rankings because you can link back to your site. Paid directory sites rank your listing higher than a free listing within its library of content, thus you can be seen more often. Try key words “Paid URL Directories” as a starting point and get started on creating free traffic to your web site!

With a bit of legwork, each week you can list your company’s URL on dozens of sites and reap the benefits of free and paid traffic. Maybe you can even get a higher SEO ranking to boot.

Try key words “Free URL Directories” and “Paid URL Directories” as a starting point, and get to work on creating fresh traffic to your website!

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