What Women Want – Business Opportunities for Women!

What Women Want – Business Opportunities for Women! More and more women are looking to become their own boss. To help, we’re bringing you our best business opportunities for women.

As part of a new series for women, every Friday, we’re posting a blog related to hot topics for women in business. We’re kicking it off with business opportunities for women. Got a particular topic you want us to cover? Let us know!

It’s no shock that more and more women are taking the leap into entrepreneurship. This number is rising for many different reasons. Many women see the benefits of owning their own business, especially the online businesses that can be done from home or anywhere in the world. A home-based business provides the perfect setup for a mom or a young woman looking to travel. However, this isn’t the only reason more women are looking to own their own business, and not just work for someone else’s business.

“In the past several years, research has shown that the increase of women in leadership is helping businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways. The data also suggest that, in many areas, employers and their industries have yet to return the favor. According to experts, the longer we take to close employment gender gaps, the longer that trillions of dollars — and our country’s future workforce — will be left at stake, too,” says Forbes.

That’s right the gender wage gap between men and women is still a very real thing in the workforce. Despite the various campaigns and bills put before our legislative officials, women aren’t paid the same wage as men. While the gender wage gap has narrowed in the last few years, it’s still far from equal. But just how much is the gender pay gap?

“Nationally, the median annual pay for a woman who holds a full-time, year-round job is $40,742 while the median annual pay for a man who holds a full-time, year-round job is $51,212. This means that, overall, women in the United States are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to an annual gender wage gap of $10,470. That’s more than $840 billion dollars every year. The wage gap can be even larger for women of color. For example, among women who hold full-time, year-round jobs in the United States, Black women are typically paid 63 cents and Latinas are paid just 54 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. Asian women are paid 85 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men, although some ethnic subgroups of Asian women fare much worse,” says the National Partnership for Women & Families.

Statistics also show that women still hold a fraction of the high-level business positions, such as CEO’s and board member positions, that men hold in the top corporations in the USA.

“A majority of the 400 companies surveyed still had no women among their highest-paid executives as of 2015, though the overall percentage of women in that group rose to 10.5% from 7.8% in 2007. According to the UC Davis study, companies with women CEOs have 38% more women leaders on average (CEO excluded) than companies with male CEOs,” says Forbes.

Whether it’s the lower pay, tougher uphill battles to promotions, or simply wanting to have more freedom, the attractiveness of owning your own business as a woman is undeniable. So if it seems like a smart move to decide to branch out on your own to start your own business and define your own business culture, why aren’t more women starting a business? The statistics of new businesses are less than appealing. Over one-third of new businesses fail within their first year of opening. Pile on that statistics with the expense starting a business can run you, and it’s no surprise people are shying away from becoming an entrepreneur. The security of a salary, even with a gender wage gap, can see more sensible than taking the risk of starting a business.

What if there was a way to be your own boss but with a higher chance of success? Would you be interested? Well, you should be. There is a way to own your own business and be your own boss without putting everything on the line. The solution is buying a business opportunity. A proven business package and that comes with expert support and training. You are set up for success as long as you bring the hard work, commitment, and drive. You need these three things anyway, no matter if you’re starting your own business or working for someone else’s business.It’s the best of both worlds. You own your business, but you’re not all alone in the processor without support and resources.

To help aspiring women business owners succeed, we’ve compiled our best creative new business ideas for women. Your options are limitless and there is something for everyone with any price range!

Hotels Etc.:

Do you have a passion for travel? Do you like helping people achieve something they never thought they could have? If so, Hotels Etc. is the opportunity for you. It’s like a franchise, but without a franchise fee. You will be able to cash in on the multitrillion-dollar travel industry. As a Hotels Etc. distributor, you’ll reach out to businesses all around the globe on a daily basis and negotiate a discount not available to the public. If the business accepts your offer, it will be added to a database of over 1 million deals available to members.

Cost: $495. Training and support included.

Personal Touch Products:

Personal Touch Products, Inc.: Create beautiful, timeless, distinctive and personalized keepsakes for all occasions that discerning gift buyers will want to buy again and again. has paid millions to the people who have watched their free webinar. Discover this reliable, proven and simple method to earn a large income. Check out the success stories from people who have changed their lives with this business opportunity.

Cost: $249. Training and support included.

4DG A New Way of Life:

A product with quality ingredients and an ineffective delivery system is a waste of money. Conversely, a product with poor quality ingredients and an effective delivery system can be counterproductive, or even dangerous.

Vasayo is a growing home based business opportunity known for its lineup of MicroLife Nutritional supplements. Led by two of the biggest names in the MLM industry. Co-founders Dallin and Karree Larsen aim to replicate their MonaVie success with Vasayo.

Cost: $49.95. Training and support included.


Do you like networking? Do you enjoy working with local small businesses? What if you could help local businesses grow and increase revenue? Would you be interested if you could do this and also make a large residual income? RelyCircle is the answer to it all! It is the only social referral marketing app. It boosts sales by incentivizing current customers to make referrals to new customers. These referrals won’t be fruitless, they’ll result in actual sales! The best part is businesses only pay after a new sale. In a nutshell, this product pays for itself. The product pretty much sells itself. But the best part, you’ll receive leads and money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.

Cost: $149 with 120% money back guarantee. Training and support included.



Saladmaster has revolutionized healthy cooking by offering premium products through a unique cooking experience business opportunity. For 70+ years, Saladmaster has changed lives by empowering people to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in 45 countries. As a multimillion-dollar company, Saladmaster is distributed by Independent Authorized Dealerships and manufactured in the USA by parent company Regal Ware, Inc.

Saladmaster is in the business of making life better. The Saladmaster Dealership Opportunity has helped people around the world discover extra income, a rewarding career and a more satisfying, healthy lifestyle.

Cost: $2,995. Training and support included.

National Merchant Network:

Want to run your own home office in the ever growing banking industry? Want to free yourself from the 9 to 5 lifestyle by building a long term residual income and consistent weekly paychecks? Well, the National Merchant Network has your solution. Join the leaders in the banking industry and run your own home office with the support of the LARGEST merchant processor IN THE WORLD Most of the individuals we work with are CAREER PROFESSIONALS who are looking to REPLACE THEIR INCOMES and work for themselves. Or, people who are looking to build a consistent RESIDUAL INCOME to support their RETIREMENTS.

Cost: $4,000. Training and support included.

What Women Want - Business Opportunities For Women - Become Your Own Boss

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