10 Easy-To-Start Businesses

Choosing the right business idea from all the possible options is often the difference between success and failure. However, making the right decision is not as easy as it may sound. Throughout history, we can find many examples of exciting ideas that turned out to be disastrous. Fortunately, we may also discern a few successful concepts and use them to our advantage.

If you are looking for easy-to-start business ideas that have the potential to scale, you came to the right place. Here you will find a list of businesses that do not feature a long list of requirements to start. If you wish to begin inexpensively, consider these options.

Financing a small business from scratch doesn’t have to be expensive either – you can look for help with relatives, small bank of credit union loans – or consult local finance companies (like https://www.societyone.com.au/ in Australia) or get a hold of your local chamber of commerce – they’ll help you!


If you have expertise or an experience in a certain field, consult other people and ask for a small payment for your input. There are two ways to successfully make money as a consultant:

  • Sell your advice for a certain number of hours per week and, as an expert within your niche, get paid by the hour.
  • Sell your advice based on the outcome of the consulting process. (e.g. if the client will improve their sales by 10 percent, you get paid).

One of the most popular examples of an online freelancer who applied this model is Nathan Barry. He is a renowned designer and internet marketer. In his case, he used his knowledge and expertise to teach his clients how to grow their business. However, keep in mind that it would be extremely difficult to get a client to pay you for just a few hours of advice per week. Make sure that your clients are going to get real value for their money.

Recycling Service

The amount of recycled goods in the world is growing every year, but still, not all the usable products are being taken apart and recycled. In case you can fix these items and resell them, it is a good idea to start a business that specializes in recycling. What’s more, you can also sell them online at platforms such as eBay or Amazon.

You can scour your local Craigslist listing, or Facebook sales groups – there are tons of items available for free that you can fix up and resell.

Home Cooking Business

If you have time, cooking tasty meals can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Your clients will be happy to bring home delicious food that they did not have to make on their own. You can start with local customers or people from your neighborhood or even with clients from online job platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. Cooking can be your side business that does not require much time and investment. Make sure that your local laws don’t prohibit you from selling food that’s home cooked, or if you need some sort of health certificates if you want to open up a “legitimate” business. If you do, you can consider renting the space from a local restaurant after closing hours.

Vending Machines Business

If you are fed up with selling products in the streets, consider starting a vending machine business, installing vending machines in local businesses or cafes where people may buy your products while getting some refreshments. You can use this idea if you have a product or services that customers need on a regular basis (e.g. coffee, beverages, snacks, etc.). The only advice I would give you is that do not start this type of business if you do not have a good understanding of the industry or the niche you are about to enter. There are vending machines for everything – from milk, to sodas to facemasks and vitamins.

Delivery Service

If you are inspired by how popular delivery people became in the middle of the pandemic, maybe this is for you. You can deliver groceries, food, or maybe even things that aren’t so obvious – like garden supplies or baby items like diapers, formula and wipes. There is a need for all of these, and you should see what your community needs the most.

A delivery service is very helpful, especially during times of pandemic – we all know that now. It’s a wonder there aren’t more delivery businesses being started, but maybe you can help to fill that void with your creative options!

Pet Sitting Service

Pet owners who care about their animals while on vacation or on business trips can ask for special services such as pet sitting or dog walking. In this case, you may not even need to have a pet yourself — it can be someone else’s pet while its owners are away.

This idea is especially popular among students who can easily find dog walking jobs while attending school or working part-time jobs during the day. If you do not have any pet experience, make sure that you are going to find pet sitters with good reviews online who could help you with referrals.

This type of business may require special permits from your local government. If this is the case, make sure that you understand all the legal requirements before starting such a service. It is also important to find ways to make your customers happy so that they will come back in the future.


Your first business doesn’t have to be the next Google or Ford Motors. It’s important to do something – anything at all, and get your practice in. Once you’re comfortable with running your own business, you’ll get new inspirations and new perspectives. It’s worth doing even if it’s just to start believing in yourself.