16 Expert Tips for Business Owners for 2019

Are you looking to start a business in 2019 or grow your existing small business? Why not start the year off right by heeding the advice of the experts.

Here are 16 Tips for Business Owners’ 2019 ‘To Do’ Lists from The Forbes Coaches Council:

1. Document and Map Out Your Goals
2. Define Your Potential ‘Big Wins’
3. Ask Your Staff About Their Needs And Priorities
4. Focus On Improving The Customer Experience
5. Understand The Trends Likely To Impact Your Business
6. Set Your Human Resources Strategy
7. Be Ready To Respond And Adapt To Change
8. Give Yourself Time To Think
9. Take Stock Of What’s In Front Of You
10. Think About Increasing Revenues In The New Year
11. Improve Your Company Culture
12. Revisit Your Five-Year Plan
13. Identify What Not To Do
14. Critically Debrief The Prior Year
15. Establish A Regular Habit Of Reviewing and Adjusting Goals
16. Program Your GPS (Growth Plan Settings)

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16 Expert Tips for Business Owners for 2019