3 Mistakes Often Made By New Entrepreneurs

2019 is sure to be a great year for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you’re planning on starting your own business in 2019, avoiding common mistakes is key to early success.

In his article on Entrepreneur, Dillion Kivo lists 3 Dumbest Business Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make Most Often.

Superficiality – “We live in a world of superficiality — shallowness, no attention to detail, not focusing on satisfying our customers.”

No matter how experienced an entrepreneur is a building a new startup, mistakes are going to be made along the way. That’s okay. However, a huge mistake, typically made by newbies, is to be superficial and lose focus of reason the business is in business: the customer.

Chasing two rabbits at a time – “Amateur founders are quick to craft multiple ideas, bloating their online stores with a vast array of products and constantly rewriting their missions to accommodate their offerings. But, is that the brilliant idea they think it is? No, it’s not.”

When starting and growing a company, it’s critical to focus on one product or service. New entrepreneurs often make this mistake. By focusing on one product or service, establishing the business as a credible and expert provider can be accomplished much easier.

Ignoring “minor issues” – “For new entrepreneurs, a comma splice in their home page copy is not something to worry about. A broken link in their Facebook page is no big deal. One negative customer review? Well, that’s just a “hot-tempered customer,” they say.”

The truth is, minor issues are big issues. Businesses that overlook these issues and pass them off as unimportant will immediately lack credibility. Entrepreneurs that are successful pay attention to every detail, no matter how minor they seem.

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3 Dumb Mistakes Often Made By New Entrepreneurs