Are You a Happy Small Business Owner? -

Are You a Happy Small Business Owner?

Happy business owners are seeing a great perk from the onset of their increased satisfaction— increased revenue. Being your own boss brings a great deal of stress when everything falls into your lap, but at the same time seeing your ideas and drive come to fruition brings with it a great deal of gratification.  It looks like most small business owners are feeling the latter with 7 in 10 describing themselves as “very happy,” according to a new Infographic from BOLT Insurance Agency.

But what’s making them so content these days?  BOLT broke it down for us with 97% of small business owners saying it is their sense of pride and accomplishment, 94% saying it is the strong personal connection they have to their employees, and 88% saying it is the strong connection they feel toward their customers.  Additionally, 82% state it is the opportunity to volunteer their time or donate money to charities that makes them so happy.

Take a look at the Infographic yourself to see what other statistics and fun small business owner insights BOLT has to share.  Does anything surprise you?


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