A Site Tour has one of the best selections of franchises and biz ops available for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to discover bizopps in hot and trending categories. But there’s much more to the site than the listings. Our goal over the years is to put together a website that makes it easy to find just the right opportunity or franchise for your work-for-yourself dreams. We have one of the biggest libraries of resources and posts available to help you choose and run your business.

The website is made for easy reading and simple navigation. Whether you’re an old hand at the Internet or are just figuring it out, is user-friendly.

Here is a tour of our site to help you make the most of all the valuable information on tap for people just like you, whether you are just dipping your toe in entrepreneurial waters or are ready to take the plunge.

Those Big Orange Bars

The first orange bar at the top of each page gives you quick navigation to the home page, a contact form, the blog and a tab if you want to advertise. It also has a newsletter signup form. Here is a closer look at each of these links:

Home: this takes you to the summary page, the one that reflects the most recent updates, featured opportunities and links to other parts of the site. It is always the best place to start your visit.

Advertise: If you have a business opportunity or franchise that you want listed on the site, click the word Advertise. This will take you to a contact form and a link to the latest Rate Card.

Contact: Do you have a question, suggestion or want to get in touch with the people in charge here at Click Contact, which takes you to a contact form. When you fill it out and submit it, it will go directly to the powers-that-be. We welcome your input and enjoy hearing from you.

Before you can actually send your message, you must fill out the Captcha form, which is simply a method used by most websites to filter out spammers and robots. It proves that the message was sent by a real human. It is easy to use. Just type the text or number that you see in the graphic or photo into the box.

Blog: When you click Blog, you will go to huge selection of articles that have made a respected, reliable resource for entrepreneurs.

Advertiser Login: If you advertise on the site, you will be given an account. This button takes you to the login screen.

Newsletter Signup: If you are new to the site, be sure to add your email address to the box and click Join. We will send you our regular newsletter with updates and blog posts. That way you’ll never miss a thing.

Don’t worry, we never sell or otherwise use your email address for anything other than sending out the newsletter. We value your privacy.

The Essential Search Bar

About a quarter of the way down from the top, you’ll see another big orange band that appears on all the pages, not just the home page. Use this to narrow your search for the type of business you want to buy.

You can specify your budget and location. That way, you don’t have to sort through the entire list of businesses on the site to find what is appropriate for you.

The White Strip with the Friendly Lady

To the right, next to the lady pointing you toward our huge selection of business opportunities is a convenient Top Five Categories link. Just click one of the five to immediately go to the business model you are interested in:

Online business

Home-Based Business




The Slide Show

If you’re new to the site, take a moment to watch the slide show. Click on a category that sounds interesting, like Choosing a Business Opportunity, Running Your Own Business, Entrepreneur Exchange, Opportunity Focus and more. The information is updated regularly. Home

The orange bar at the top of each webpage starts on the left with Home. Click this and you will arrive at the summary page. It lists the latest posts in the left column. Check out what we’re blogging about. Business Opportunity offers reliable tips and advice in its blog several times a week.

In the middle are the featured opportunities. Check out the newest and most popular business models and franchises here.

On the right is a video of a highlighted opportunity, as well as a selection of sponsors. Look them over to see if one of them sounds like what you are looking for. If you find one that resonates, click the Learn More button below it.

Below that is the Resource Center. This is a roundup of industry news, help in choosing the right business, a selection of work-from-home opportunities and startups.

It has overviews of how to run your business, putting together reasonable plans and goals, advice on marketing and help for growing your business. It also has a selection of featured articles and profiles.

The Blog

The blog on is respected by entrepreneurs all over the web. Posts are added several times a week and cover a wide range of topics.

Here you can find advice on how to choose a business based on your personality, what books can provide the best advice, apps for busy owners, how to get funding and more.

Sign up for the RSS feed so you never miss a new blog post. Just click the orange icon that looks like radio waves. It will take you to a short form that lets you choose Feedburner, Yahoo and other popular RSS choices. Or you can use your email.

Do you have a question about the blog post? Have an opinion about it? Great! We love to hear from out readers. Post a comment below the blog. All comments are read. The writer will get back to you.

Below the post your read are articles that are of related interest. Be sure to check them out. They cover other aspects of the topic.

At the Bottom

The bottom greenish band has links for the home page, information for advertising on the site, the contact form and the blog. Though they are boring, it also has links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the website. If you’re having trouble sleeping, both of those should do the trick.

That’s the tour. We hope you enjoyed it. Our aim is the most comprehensive listing on the web of business opportunities and advice for entrepreneurs. Come back often to see what’s new.