Character Traits of Successful Small Business Owners

10 Character Traits of Successful Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people that possess certain character traits.

While specific traits are not a requirement for an entrepreneur to be successful, Alyssa Gregory discusses 10 common character traits of the most successful small business owners.

Drive is a very common characteristic among successful entrepreneurs because starting a business can be challenging, and some challenges call for a moderate amount of competitiveness, determination, and motivation.

Most successful business owners take time to set goals so they have clarity about where they are going and how they intend to get there.

The most successful business owners have a steady, quiet confidence that doesn’t border on arrogance or egotism.

Some of the most successful small business owners have either directly developed businesses based on their passions, or they are able to incorporate things they are passionate about into the day-to-day operation of their businesses.

Most successful small business owners become very savvy at creating budgets and sticking to them as they manage the operation of their businesses.

The ability to think and act independently, without the input of others, is a very common trait amongsuccessful small business owners.

Successful small business owners have an ability to keep their feet on the ground during even the most satisfying accomplishment, and never forget where they started.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who are resilient and able to bounce back after an unexpected challenge and get back up after facing a setback.

The ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate issue, task or goal as well as the bigger picture can be a key trait in a successful entrepreneur.

Small business owners who are willing to consider alternative ideas and try new processes may be more likely to reach significant levels of success.

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Character Traits of Successful Small Business Owners