Drone Entrepreneurship: 30 Businesses You Can Start

This was my runner-up to the Book-of-the-Month and is our in paperback by Dr Jerry LeMieux (Author), MGen James O Poss (Introduction). If you want to start a drone business, this is the book for you. From horse carriage to car, from standalone PC to internet, drones will revolutionize the aviation industry. There are already successful commercial drone businesses all around the world.

Business Opportunities You Can Own

Drones are currently in an emerging commercialization phase and those that start businesses now could benefit by being the first. Interest is growing in civil uses, including commercial photography, aerial mapping, crop monitoring, advertising, communications and broadcasting. Drones may increase efficiency, save money, enhance safety, and even save lives. There are hundreds of things a drone can do  but this book focuses on helping one discover business opportunities withn 30 commercial applications that will generate an income  for drone entrepreneurs. Applications are explained, sensors are recommended and workflows are discussed to show you how to crease a successful drone business.

In addition to the commercial uses they map out in their book, I have done some digging and found a far wider range of applications such as: HSE UAV’s have many applications for both government agencies and business. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle applications include: Scientific and commercial applications such as: photography, cinema, photogrammetry, inspection of bridges and building, Agricultural Soil & Crop Analysis and Spraying, Public safety missions: fire, flooding, landslide, …, Monitoring of polluted areas, Reconnaissance, surveillance, control, Protection, surveillance of sensitive sites and of borders, Harbor and coastal patrol , Protection, surveillance of urban area, Detection, reconnaissance and identification, Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition, Damage assessment, Search and rescue, Traffic Control, Accident Reconstruction, Intervention in country area and in city, Maritime applications, HazMat, Real Estate, Construction, Farming &, Ranchers, Movies & News and Railroads.

Here is a partial list of possible subjects a UAV’s can monitor…. *Agriculture, Oil & Gas Pipeline, Solar Panels, Wildlife Census, Critical Infrastructure Inspection, Thermal, Isolation Analysis (Buildings), Power Line / Cable, Cooling Tower, Algae Proliferation Detection, Gas Burn-Off Stack Tip Inspection, Wind Turbine Blade Inspection, Bridge Inspections, Forestry Management & Research, Aerial Terrain Mapping (Non-Urban Environment), Historical Monument Inspection, Railway Track Bed, Flair-Tip-Inspection, Salt Water Infiltration Detection, Aerial Terrain Mapping (Industrial Site) and Radiation Measurement & Monitoring.

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