Free Lead Generation for Business Opportunity Owners

Free Lead Generation is a hot topic these days since many pay a pretty penny per portal to generate leads to increase ROI.

Free Lead Generation is part of any markets platform.  It is important to note that this November was ‘nutty’ for lack of a better word.  The purpose of this blog post today is to inform on better ways to drive in free leads to your funnel using the ads you have placed already.

Free Lead Generation

It is very true that many, Mompreneurs, Solopreneuers, Entrepreneurs end up forking over huge sums for ads on Facebook and Google AdWords hoping that the results will yield a treasure trove of customers fast.  These platforms can work well for some companies, but not for all and the smaller the business the more focused on your buyer than ever. I want to share with you my top ideas on how to get your free lead generation process flowing!

If you have an ad on a portal such as for instance did you know that you might be missing out on leads?  It is true that customers often miss leads that come into their inbox all the time.  After ten years working in the industry this is the number one item that customers are shocked to find when they finally log into the system.  I have heard multiple advertisers be able to pull sales from said leads too.

If you have a User Name and Password; all of our advertisers do and I would think most have this feature on other sites, log into the system and download your entire lead history. Question: Have you missed any of them?  If so, go back and call them all live telling them that for some reason you missed the hot lead and you would like to send them the information that they requested.  This can create a number of free leads in less than twenty minutes of work.

Next, what you do with all of these leads is an important step to plan out.  It is critical to note here that as it applies to sales and marketing, the 80/20 rule says that about 80% of your sales will come from roughly 20% of your lead base.  Stop pitching dead leads and start focusing in on the more receptive one.

The next step once you have all of your leads downloaded into an Excel file you can often see where your leads are derived from.  Meaning, look for a field in the Excel file data that will tell you where the lead was sourced re: What industry or Category on said website.  This way, if you have a dead category that your listing is placed in it is wise to communicate this to your sales representative so they can make a suggestion to switch you to a possibly more productive category.

My final suggestion for the day is to get Social and set aside an hour for Social each day.  The more you ‘Share’ your listing and profile the more free exposure you will garner.  Social Sharing can really generate some free lead generation and all of this is free–less a bit of your time.