Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast

People love to listen to podcasts. They can get the information they need when it’s convenient. As a marketer, it’s a great way for you to share your message while entertaining and informing your audience. Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast read on…

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, you only need a small investment to get your podcast up and start advertising and marketing business opportunities. As you build an audience, you also establish yourself as an authority in your field. You also have an effective platform for promoting your services and products.

Here is an overview of how to make a podcast, including the equipment you need, research required and where to distribute it.

Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast – Equipment.
On a small budget? You can still make a podcast. At the very least, you will need:

Microphone. Invest in a high-end microphone. This enhances the quality of your podcast, making it easier to listen to.
Computer. Either a Windows or Mac will work just fine. You need the computer to record your podcast, edit it, then upload it.
Audio editing software. The open source Audacity is free, and the best starting place for beginner podcasters. When you start making money and want to upscale, you can invest in a professional level digital audio workstation that runs $50 to $900.

And it’s nice to have:

Portable XLR recorder. This lets you use analog mikes and handle several microphone channels. During the podcast, you will be able to adjust and mute sound levels.
Pop filters. Pop filters let you clean up the sound, making your podcast a pleasure to listen to.
Audio interface. Do you want to record directly from analog mikes to the computer? You’ll need an interface, which lets you plug one or more microphones into the computer.

That’s a brief look at the equipment you need. For a more in-depth look, check out this article by tech Talks Central, by with equipment suggestions for tiny, basic and higher-end podcasting budgets.

Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast – Research.
Spend time to research the project before you even start the process of making a podcast.

Realize it’s a big project. If you picture spending a few minutes to interview your subject and doing it all on the fly, think again. If you want to make a good podcast, expect to put in the effort, time, and money that any big project requires.

Define your topic. You need to focus in on the subject of your podcast. You’re in a crowded marketplace. Listeners are choosy about where they spend their time.

No doubt there will be many podcasts already available on your topic. That’s fine—it shows there’s an interest in it. Just give it your own take, do lots of research, provide quality information.

Set up your brand. Pick a name that clearly tells listeners what you’re about. Then come up with attention-grabbing art.

Find a place to host it. Popular platforms include AmazonS3, Podomatic, Podbean, SoundCloud, and Libsyn.

Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast – The Process.

The process to make your podcast is fairly straightforward. But it takes time and experience to streamline the steps and make a quality product. Start small and keep tweaking, learning and improving.

Basically, if you’re using Audacity, you need to follow 4 steps:

• Download and install Audacity
• Record your podcast
• Edit it
• Tag and export the mp3 file

To add a finishing touch, consider adding theme music and chapters. These make for a better listening experience.

For an in-depth look at the process, here is a detailed list of steps from Tech Radar.

Going Digital? How to Make a Podcast – Distribute It. 

You need people to listen to your podcast.

Podcast directory. You start with placing it in a podcast directory, and that means iTunes. This is the one essential spot for every podcast. Follow the official specs and requirements to grab your listing.

You can also list is on Sticher, Blubrry and Miro.

Social media. Announce each new episode of your podcast on your Facebook page. Let people know on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other platforms you regularly use. Get known on the social media platforms you’re your audience uses.

Between episodes, post entertaining facts, links to songs, or articles of interest to your target audience. It keeps them engaged and looking forward to your podcasts.

Your website. Make sure you keep your listeners updated on your website too. Consider adding a tab and page about your podcast, or at least a box on the front page that you update regularly.

There it is in a nutshell, how to make a podcast. It takes time and effort, but not much money to get started. Good luck!

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Going Digital? How to Podcast