Mobile Website App Development Building Software Platform

Every business needs a mobile website. With Motiply Partners, you have found a mobile development platform that makes it easy to develop mobile apps and websites for Android and iPhone. 

What’s a mobile website?

Motiply Partners converts your existing website layout or builds a new one for you that looks great on a mobile device. No more turning your phone sideways or zooming in and out of a webpage designed for a desktop screen. Build custom functionality into your mobile website to drive customer interaction.

Don’t all businesses have a mobile version of their website?

No! You’d be surprised to know how many small businesses have no mobile support whatsoever. Here’s the good news — by becoming a licensee for Motiply Partners, you create and sells mobile apps and mobile websites to local businesses. Plus, you’re your own boss as you acquire more clients, no commissions, percentages or fees on sales. Every dollar you earn, you keep! Yes you can be a hero by offering and selling mobile websites and mobile apps to businesses who are in need of their website to be sized correctly for the small screens that we all stare at 24/7.

The Motiply Partners automated system does all the heavy lifting with no coding development required. It used to be that a desktop site was all that was needed to be on the world wide web or the internet.

Now, all small businesses need a small screen-oriented website otherwise known as a mobile website or a mobile app.

Motiply mobile website app business opportunity

Motiply Partners gives you the system and the platform to build rich custom features that allow each business to stand out individually such as:

  • google maps directions
  • image galleries
  • ad support
  • mobile events
  • videos
  • menus
  • e commerce
  • social media integration

All you have to do is sign up as a licensee then you can approach local businesses to build their mobile website for them on iPhone or Android. You get full access to the platform and are a white label partner because “Motiply Partners” does not appear on any of your own branded website when you market to local businesses. 

Motiply gives you access to flyers, brochures, presentations, cold calling scripts, and much more to land your first small business who needs their own mobile website.

Every business – even turnkey businesses -these days needs a mobile presence. With Motiply Partners, you have found a mobile app building platform that makes it easy to build mobile apps or mobile websites for android and Iphone without needing to invest in building custom mobile app development software!