Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line

Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line – Staying afloat takes some capital. But the process of attracting financing is confusing for small business owners.

Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line – Here is a look at how you can offer help with financing and credit to small business owners. You earn while helping them get the money they need.

Why Small Businesses Need Your Help – Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line

Many small companies, especially in the franchise and business opportunity field, need financing to boost their sales and stay profitable. But by their very nature, these businesses are often categorized as high risk. This means many lenders won’t even consider working with them.

The people with money who might lend money to them charge exorbitant rates. Desperate owners who work with this type of lending usually regret it quickly. The monthly fees are so high; it simply adds a new layer of expense to their already overloaded list of bills.

These small businesses need two things:

  • Education about moving from the high-risk category to low risk
  • Access to reputable lenders

That’s the Business Finance and Credit System supplies. It teaches small business owners how to position themselves as low risk to lenders, and the steps they need to take to get approved for a loan. Over the long-term, it shows them how to manage their finances and stay “fundable.” At the same time, it offers them access to a huge database of reputable potential lenders.

How FundAbility Works – Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line

Business Finance and Credit System give small companies access to thousands of credit providers, using multiple funding programs offered by thousands of business lenders. It would be basically impossible for a business owner to tap into a network like that without aid.

This takes the confusion out of finding the right lender. The owner of a business opportunity or franchise can waste precious hours, days and weeks submitting applications, only to get turned down over and over again.

The system gives the owner the information he needs to choose the right lender and to get approval.

The system is easy for business owners to understand and implement:

  • They complete a pre-qualification assessment. From an easy-to-understand dashboard, the owner can see and opt-in for funding programs they qualify for.
  • The opt-in acceptance process lets the owner see which programs they can apply for, and the features and benefits of each one.
  • At this point, owner’s want to know how they can qualify for more lending programs now and in the future. The program shows them the approval criteria for each of the funding sources. It walks them through the exact steps they need to take to pre-qualify for each program.

From High Risk to Low Risk – Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line

The Business Finance and Credit System educates the business owner. An owner who buys a franchise or business opportunity often has expertise and experience in a particular field, anything from wellness to printing. But very few of them start out with the financial information and training they need to flourish in a competitive marketplace. That’s the missing link that the program supplies.


Offering Financing Boosts Bottom Line