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Are you searching for businesses for sale or business opportunities in Phoenix, AZ. or other major cities? has got you covered!

For over 20 years, has been a valuable source utilized by entrepreneurs interested in information about starting new businesses or purchasing franchises. Since its launch, the website has helped to match new businessmen and businesswomen as well as veteran business owners with start-up business ideas and opportunities.

The site literally has something for everyone, as it features options for every investment level in many varying categories and industries. Businesspeople can find major franchise opportunities that require tens of thousands in investment dollars. And others can find less risky business options that require an investment of $2500 or under, but still have the potential to earn very good ROI.

When you explore the site, you’ll notice that categories on the site include:

In addition to being a source of business opportunities for entrepreneurial people, is a site where business owners can post businesses for sale in major markets like Phoenix, AZ., or even regions or small towns in the United States. 

Many people who are new to getting a business up and running find that the blog is a very valuable tool. Business tips and advice on topics such as small business strategy, marketing, operations and management can be found in articles posted in the blog. 

On the homepage you’ll notice some great “Featured” opportunity listings. One of these prominently displayed listings is from a company called Carelumina.

Carelumina, a new, physician-owned health and wellness company, is pioneering the health and wellness industry with their clean living products as well as service offerings. The backbone of Carelumina is their telemedicine service, also known as Telehealth.

Telehealth is in high demand by all age groups, especially with the new realities of our daily living. From young families with children to elderly people that cannot risk leaving their homes to visit a doctor’s office, Carelumina’s Telehealth services are helping others to live healthier and happier lives in the world today.

The Brand Ambassador Program with Carelumina is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a low-investment opportunity with a company positioned for global expansion. While the company is new, it is expected to explode in the next few years. Through networking, the opportunity exists for Brand Ambassadors to be at the top of a major market like Phoenix, AZ., and earn exceptional commissions. To learn more about Carelumina, visit or call/email Jay at 202-276-5036,

Check out Carelumina as well as the many other options on our site. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a business to start and manage in your free time, or looking for business for sale or a full-time, easy-to-start business, this site is for you!

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